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A Friend's Scheme for a Parish Church

First published 11th July 2014

Have you ever wondered how to set up a 'Friend's Scheme'for your parish church?

Le Tour de Lee - Day 5 Uphall to Moffat (60 miles)

First published 10th July 2014

Today's narrative has to centre around Simon...On our journey we have seen a number of other cyclists coming in the opposite direction.

Aligning actions and lifestyle

First published 10th July 2014

I knew I had changed when I next met with the man I had been committing adultery with.It seems to me that before I was baptised I was quite narrow and self interested and had few outside interests or concerns unless there was some benefit to me.I had

Le Tour de Lee - Day 4 Perth to Uphall, near Edinburgh (47 miles)

First published 9th July 2014

Having seen two bikes on the roof rack some of you may be wondering when Mike has had the chance to ride his. After all, acting as my 'Director Sportif', domestique and general factotum has been a full time occupation!

Reflections on my calling

First published 9th July 2014

Am I doing something because I think it will be good for me and I want to do it, or because I know deep within myself that God is calling me?

Le Tour de Lee Day 3 - Aviemore to Perth (91 miles)

First published 8th July 2014

We have been well looked after by the staff in the Hotels and Guest Houses we have stayed in, with the breakfasts a key feature.

Le Tour de Lee Day 2 - Brora to Aviemore (90 miles)

First published 7th July 2014

Three category 3 climbs, two category 4's and one category 5. This may all be meaningless to you but not to my legs!

Archbishop Justin visits the Diocese

First published 7th July 2014

I saw God at work, people learning to love and follow Jesus Christ, and loving their communities Archbishop Justin Welby Wow!

Grace, peace and trust

First published 7th July 2014

I had a Christian background but a few years later, God showed me that there was moreI was 11 years old. For some reason, unknown then (but known now), I wanted to read my Bible.At this age, I was sitting at the back of the class listening to the Eas

Le Tour de Lee Day 1 - John O'Groats to Brora (64 miles)

First published 6th July 2014

Mike Palmer and I were boarded in Brora overnight so we had to travel an hour and half to the off at John O Groats.

Le Tour de Lee Day -1 (getting closer)

First published 5th July 2014

As I write today we have just had our afternoon break in the lee of Ben Nevis. No time for a closer look, let alone climbing GBs highest mountain, as we are still 120 miles from our destination.

Le Tour de Lee: Day -2 (heading up north)

First published 4th July 2014

Having taken two hours yesterday to assemble and fit the roof bars and bike carriers, this morning Mike and I loaded the car and set off for the Grand Depart on Sunday.

Learning to Forgive

First published 3rd July 2014

I felt terribly guilty and anxious, and suddenly found myself unable to cope ... I had to learn to forgive others, and to forgive myself, and I think only by the grace of God was that possible.Share your story! is the message we keep being told at th

Creating Confidence - in action

First published 3rd July 2014

Thanks to Revd Steve Wilkinson, Priest in Charge of the Woodbridge Group in North Wiltshire for sharing this report on their Creating Confidence Sunday.

My first year in curacy

First published 1st July 2014

Revd John Monaghan was ordained as a priest at Bristol Cathedral on Sunday 29 June by the Bishop of Bristol, Rt Revd Mike Hill.

A journey of faith

First published 1st July 2014

I was not ashamed of it or frightened what others might think.It always was. It was like wallpaper. You see it every day, but you do not really notice of it. That piece at the edge which is peeling off - you hardly ever notice. You live with it.That

When one door closes, another opens

First published 27th June 2014

Every time I came out of church, tears fell from me. It was impossible to stop it; it was almost as if my heart was screaming out at me. I was inconsolable.I had worked long hours to give the children everything they wanted; I just did not show enoug

Spotlight on Property

First published 17th June 2014

"Healthy houses = happy clergy = healthy ministry. It's the part we can play in the mission of the Church." Sally Moody

A post-modern refrain

First published 17th June 2014

When I got together the courage to walk up the hill, and actually go to church, it was better than I could have imagined. Since I let Jesus into my life, and have asked God what he wants from me (rather than the other way round), everything has chang

Bishop Lee swaps robes for lycra

First published 17th June 2014

From Friday 4 July, Bishop Lee will be straddling the saddle of his bike for the next fortnight as he begins a mammoth cycle ride from John O'Groats to Land's End.

Airbus Supports Poppy Campaign

First published 16th June 2014

Staff at Airbus in Filton plant poppies on site A special service of dedication was held at Airbus at Filton, led by Revd Canons Elspeth Desmond and Brian Arman from St Peters Church in Filton.

We Have Our Lives

First published 16th June 2014

Bristol Cathedral remembers the First World War - and invites you to get involved Sombre the night is.

We're not afraid to use the 'E' word

First published 16th June 2014

As we gear up for Creating Confidence Sunday on 6 July and look ahead to the Archbishop's visit in September, we consider why we're no longer fearful of 'gossiping the gospel'.

Martin earns his green beret

First published 13th June 2014

Congratulations to Revd Martin Gainsborough who was awarded his green beret in May, following 13 months of gruelling training as a Commando with the Royal Marines Reserve Bristol.

Hearing God on the M4

First published 13th June 2014

If someone had asked me if I believed in God, I would have said probably not, but it was the last question anyone would ask anyway, it would have been so irrelevant to my life experience and the people I knew.My story began about 18 years ago when I

Financial Stewardship: Giving in Grace Website

First published 12th June 2014

Have you discovered the Giving in Grace website? This is an excellent stewardship resource for the local church.

From College Green to Kraków

First published 12th June 2014

Cathedral Choir prepares for summer tour of Poland with special concert at Bristols Polish ChurchBristol Cathedral Choir is gearing up for an exciting trip to Poland this summer by staging a special concert in the citys Polish Church.

Bishop's Letter: Just Ask!

First published 4th June 2014

With the Archbishop of Canterbury due to visit the Diocese of Bristol, Bishop Lee reminds us of Justin Welby's priorities and the opportunities his visit creates.

Encouraging Giving and Generosity: CofE Resources

First published 3rd June 2014

Encouraging giving in a parish canfeel daunting, but it need not be so. Some simple tasks can set the right climate for people to review their giving and levels of generosity.

Who is my Neighbour?

First published 3rd June 2014

The Cathedral's project for Church schools, 'Who is My Neighbour?' saw the Travelling Chest make its way around nine of the Diocese's Church schools. On 21 May, over 220 children met in the Cathedral for a creative day of celebration and worship.

The nudge of a breeze

First published 3rd June 2014

I didn't know God and so didn't know how to ask. Instead, I prayed asking God to help me find Him.I was born. I grew up. The world was dark and cold and hard. I was lonely in a, literally, soul-deep way.I always knew there had to be a God (to explain

Stepping into evangelism

First published 27th May 2014

This resource is a gift from God, via Church Army, to enable each of us to live out the most freeing, exciting and life-giving of mandates that God offers: to be witnesses to Jesus Christ.

Then I let him in

First published 21st May 2014

...he used the example of the Rolling Stones' song, I Can't Get No Satisfaction, and I thought, that's me: wandering the world, living in different countries, exploring different belief systems, always looking for something to fill the void...Sonia s

Being an evangelist when the going gets tough

First published 20th May 2014

Becoming aware of my own mortality has proved to be a gift and caused me to perceive life through a more richly coloured lens; each day on earth has become more precious, and living it well more significant.

Canon Mary gets Woman Achiever Award

First published 20th May 2014

Uganda's New Vision newspaper recently ran an article about Edidah Mary Mujinya one of our long term friends through the Uganda Link.

Faith strengthened through bereavement

First published 16th May 2014

As I face the challenges that life andsociety throw at me I try really hard to hand them over to God saying "Father, please do this in me because I can't do it alone!"Alison recalls the surprising effect of death on her faithI watched my step-father

The impact of Fresh Expressions

First published 12th May 2014

I would say this is final evidential proof that the Fresh Expressions movement is working and that these results cannot be swept under the carpet.

Valuing All God's Children

First published 12th May 2014

The Archbishop of Canterbury has today launched a report from the Education Division of the Church of England calledValuing All God's Children: Guidance for Church of England Schools on Challenging Homophobic Bullying.

Bishop Lee jumps for justice

First published 12th May 2014

This Sunday the Bishop of Swindon, Rt Revd Lee Rayfield went over the edge to end poverty with Christian Aid as he took part in an abseil at St Sampson's Church in Cricklade.

Is life an orange or a peach?

First published 11th May 2014

This was the question Revd Jo Vickery from Christ Church, Downend asked on BBC Radio Bristol on Sunday morning (11 May 2014) in an interview.

I came back transformed

First published 10th May 2014

Clare Jefferis reflects on her trip to Uganda in October 2013.My trip to Uganda last year was transformational.

New ways of thinking about partnership

First published 9th May 2014

Brian Mulinzi is visiting Bristol in June 2014.

New Horizons

First published 9th May 2014

A team of 12 people from St John's, Haydon Wick visited Uganda in 2013. This is their story.

Access to water changing lives

First published 9th May 2014

In 2013, six visitors from North Wiltshire Deanery spent time with the Kigezi Diocese Water & Sanitation Programme in Kabale.

Theological College reborn

First published 8th May 2014

The Janani Luwum Theological College was the brainchild of the well known Archbishop of Uganda and was once a centre for theological education in Northern Uganda.

My brush with the law

First published 8th May 2014

On a day off, I decided to make a painting. I found a bench in the shade and made a picture of a street scene, omitting the police station sign which the observant artist had failed to notice.

Why have I got tattoos?

First published 8th May 2014

The tattoo reflects my life journey; no matter what paths I have taken, or what people have come and gone...Some Christians might believe that having tattoos goes against the Bible.Now, obviously as a tattooed Christian, Im bound to say I dont agree.

Signposts to God in Uganda

First published 8th May 2014

"God seems to be everywhere you look, we saw signs in every town and on every street that revealed a vibrant and all pervasive faith," says Astrid Domingo Molyneux, "it was a truly uplifting experience".

Guided back to my faith

First published 6th May 2014

I had achieved success in many areas of my life but my soul was restless and hollow.My husband David and I came toBristol back in December 2012 from Melbourne Australia to be closer to Davids daughter, grandchildren and great-granddaughter.We had gre

What's the meaning of it all?

First published 1st May 2014

I found that for me lots of religions had good things to say, but I kept being drawn back to the stories about Jesus; I found them and the things he taught really compelling.I didn't grow up in a religious family, none of my friends or family went to

The Shocking Truth

First published 1st May 2014

Radio 4 this morning carried a story which strongly implied a culture of sexual harassment and bullying in the 'Westminster Village.'

Practical Love: The Noise

First published 30th April 2014

The May bank holiday weekend (3-5 May 2014) was a big one for churches in Bristol.View our photos from the weekend The Noise is all about showing God's love in practical ways.

Bishop Lee's Chrism Eucharist sermon

First published 25th April 2014

On Maundy Thursday (17th April), Bishop Lee spoke at the Chrism Eucharist in Bristol Cathedral.

Bishop Mike's Easter letter; 'What if…?'

First published 16th April 2014

I heard recently about a genre of literature about which I had never heard before: non-factual history.

Tribute to Revd Bob Thorn

First published 10th April 2014

Bishop Mike has paid tribute to Revd Bob Thorn who died in a rowing accident in Dorset earlier this week.

Diocese represented at Consecration in Kigezi

First published 8th April 2014

Rev Shirley Danby (North Wiltshire Deanery chair) visited Kigezi Diocese in January 2014, where she represented Bishop Mike Hill and the Diocese of Bristol at the consecration and enthronement of Rev Canon George Bagamuhunda as 5th Bishop of Kigezi.

One Born Every Minute

First published 4th April 2014

Last month Sheona Beaumont and husband Revd Adam Beaumont, Assistant Curate ofHoly Trinity, Westbury-on-Trym, appeared on the popular Channel 4 show,One Born Every Minute, sharing with the nation the arrival of their second child into the world.We ca

Bishop's Letter: Stepping out

First published 2nd April 2014

This month Bishop Lee shares more of his journey and invites us to step out in faith.

Resources for people in ministry from Sheldon

First published 31st March 2014

The Society of Martha and Mary, Sheldon Post-Easter breaks.

Schools encouraged to Open the Book

First published 31st March 2014

Bishop Mike and senior church leaders from across Bristol are encouraging congregations to form new links with their local schools through the Open the Book Bible stories programme

Rt Hon Tony Benn, 1925-2014

First published 19th March 2014

Revd David Lloyd, Vicar of Henbury, pays tribute to Tony Benn who represented people of Bristol (Bristol South East 1950-60, 63-83) in Parliament for 30 years and was a prophetic voice on matters of justice and reform.

Church of Uganda and the Church of England

First published 6th March 2014

Following the publication of an article in the Daily Monitor on the 3rd March, 2014 suggesting that the Church of Uganda was breaking away from the Church of England Archbishop Stanley Ntagali has reassured Bishop Mike Hill that the rumours are entirely unfounded.

News from Northern Uganda

First published 14th February 2014

The Diocese of Northern Uganda has published an excellent newsletter full of information about their work and partnerships.

Schools in your parish

First published 11th February 2014

In 2013, Archbishop Justin Welby stressed the centrality of schools to the Church's mission to the nation.

Pastoral care in Bristol's courts

First published 11th February 2014

Bristol's Judges and Civil Courts have asked the faith communities to provide pastoral care to people in need in their courts.

Lives change through exploring faith

First published 10th February 2014

Millions of lives have been changed when they have participated in courses like Alpha that enable people to explore the Christian faith.

Bishop's Letter; Turning the Battleground back to a Playground

First published 7th February 2014

This month Bishop Lee focuses on education and Church of England schools: the opposition, the aspiration and the facts.

Sixth year for Malmesbury Abbey Skate

First published 6th February 2014

Malmesbury Abbey Skate returns for a sixth year later this month (17, 19-21 Feb), with an expanded festival for young people of all ages.

Canon Richard (Dick) Bennell 1925 - 2013

First published 30th January 2014

I was overjoyed when some of the friends arrived and testified to your faithfulness to the truth, namely how you walk in the truth.

Giving me hope

First published 29th January 2014

The beauty, seriousness and fellowship of church was melting my heart, giving me hope, and feeding me spiritual sustenance.Mine is a journey back to Christianity from nowhere.I was a regular churchgoing Anglican until about 14, when my mother allowed

Reaching a significant point

First published 10th January 2014

After a last dose of chemotherapy on Louise's birthday (11 December) I technically completed my fourth and final Course on Christmas Day.

Shirley Danby attends Consecration in Kabale

First published 8th January 2014

Rev Shirley Danby, chair of the North Wiltshire Uganda link committee, will be traveling out to Kabale on the 15th January 2014 to represent Bishop Mike Hill and Bristol Diocese at the consecration of Rev George Bagamuhunda the new bishop of Kigezi.

Confidence in God's story

First published 8th January 2014

God is always Good News. When we are good news, God's people see growing churches.

"I bring you Good News"

First published 6th January 2014

The Diocese of Bristol was at the heart of a major national campaign during Advent to promote the true meaning of Christmas and the transformative power of the Good News at the heart of the Christian story.

Everyone a witness

First published 6th January 2014

As we begin a year committed to proclaiming the Good News, Bishop Mike explores what it means to live out our common calling as witnesses to the life of Christ and what might be stopping us.

Dean's Letter: Politics and Peace

First published 1st January 2014

The Very Revd Dr David Hoyle, Dean of Bristol Cathedral, writes to the diocese at the beginning of the new year.2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse. It is the European Year of the Brain, the UN Year of both family farming and crystallography. Latvi

No longer journeying alone

First published 20th December 2013

It's scary to travel a long way from home to a strange, unfamiliar place; but God does not want His people to journey alone.To travel is a part of life, more so than ever in the modern world. Whether, like me, you are a student going to university in

My life changed at a carol service

First published 18th December 2013

I was burdened with misconceptions. Without Carols in the Park, or a service like it, I'm not sure I would ever have felt able to walk into a church.A year ago, at an open air carol service, my life changed.I had been brought up in a Christian househ

Archdeacon visits new debt centre

First published 16th December 2013

Archdeacon Christine Froude has visited a newly opened debt centre in Sea Mills, Bristol as part of the Christmas Starts with Christ campaign.

Bishop Mike's Diocesan Synod address

First published 9th December 2013

In his address to Diocesan Synod on 7th December, Bishop Mike urged support for Foodbanks and spoke on measures to improve the operation of the Welfare System.

Swindon churches raise £10,000 for Christian Aid

First published 6th December 2013

Inspired by the 2012 Paralympics, Swindon Old Town's Partnership of Churches more than doubled their fundraising target for a Christian Aid project to help people living with disability in Lebanon and the West Bank.

Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

First published 6th December 2013

The world mourns the loss of Nelson Mandela and remembers and celebrates all that he stood for: freedom, reconciliation and hope.

The greatest gift of all

First published 3rd December 2013

Our story begins in Galilee just over 2000 years ago. With two lovely people called Mary and Jo...This re-writing of the Christmas story is great for reading out at a Crib or family service.

Church addresses food poverty and debt

First published 2nd December 2013

Food poverty and debt are at the heart of the Diocesan Synod's discussions on 7 December as we highlight these issues as part of the Christmas starts with Christ campaign.

Bishop's Letter; Earthing Christmas

First published 29th November 2013

As we approach the festivities of Christmas, Bishop Lee reflects on holding together hope and warning in the coming of the Christ child.

Schools fight food poverty - case study

First published 29th November 2013

The Loaves and Fishes project, run by The Sisters of the Church, is a well known food bank in inner-city Bristol.

Christmas Starts with Christ

First published 27th November 2013

The Diocese of Bristol is at the heart of a major campaign to remind people that Christmas starts with Christ this Advent and the difference it makes to the world we live in.

Resources for Advent

First published 26th November 2013

As the season of Advent begins and we look towards Christmas, lets not overlook the opportunity to reflect on the Advent season itself.

All-age Advent

First published 26th November 2013

A four-part all-age service for Advent from Roots magazine called 'The beginning and the end'.

Sharing the Good News

First published 25th November 2013

Seventeen people traveled to Northern Uganda in October 2013 to learn from our link partners and to review the way our link operates.

Synod "completely different"

First published 24th November 2013

The General Synod of the Church of England took some significant steps forward in November in a set of sessions described as "completely different" by Bristol reps to the meetings of a year earlier.

Clergy urged to invest in disciples

First published 22nd November 2013

140 clergy once again gathered in Bristol and Swindon for the second set of day conferences, learning from Bishop Chris Edmondson and Bishop Mike.

CofE's “crucial involvement” with schools

First published 21st November 2013

The responsibility for school effectiveness is shifting to those who provide schools thats us, said the Bishop of Oxford, chair of the CofE's Board of Education, in the General Synod debate on church schools.

Synod approves next steps for Women Bishops

First published 20th November 2013

The General Synod has approved a package of measures as the next steps to enable women to become bishops in the Church of England.

General Synod takes significant step towards welcoming women bishops

First published 20th November 2013

General Synod says 'Yes' to new proposals to enable women bishops.

If it's Tuesday it must be Synod

First published 20th November 2013

Chris Dobson reflects on some of the highlights of the second day of General Synod.

General Synod supports evangelism

First published 20th November 2013

General Synod has approved a motion, moved by the Archbishop of York, to re-evangelise England, including the creation of a new Task Group.

First impressions from General Synod

First published 18th November 2013

Chris Dobson reports on the first afternoon of General SynodGeneral Synod began in worship and prayer, which gave rise to the first 'priceless moment' when the Archdeacon of Lewisham reached the moment appointed for the bible readings.

Happy Who-mas?

First published 12th November 2013

Three in five people polled say that Christmas is mainly for children. Its a sad fact therefore that 36% of children between ages 5 and 7 dont know whose birthday were celebrating on 25 December.

John Robinson Commemoration Day

First published 11th November 2013

Around 70 people gathered at St Ambrose, Whitehall on 21 September for a Commemoration Day for Bishop John Robinson.

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