The Rt Revd Vivienne Faull commends Salvation Army on their Anti-Slavery report

First published 18th October 2023

The Rt Revd Vivienne Faull commends The Salvation Army on their recent Anti-Slavery Day annual report

Viv Anti-Slavery Salvation Army.png

Bishop Viv's amendment clears final hurdle in House of Lords

First published 21st September 2023

Legislation clarifying right of local authorities to support churches clears final hurdle in House of Lords.

+Viv landscape.png

Bishop Viv's week in the House of Lords 17 - 21 July 2023

First published 24th July 2023

Here's a round-up of Bishop Viv's week as duty Bishop at the House of Lords between 17th and 21st July

Screenshot 2023-07-24 123028.png

Bishop of Bristol appoints new Diocesan Secretary and CEO

First published 25th October 2021

The Bishop of Bristol and the Chair of the Bristol Diocesan Board of Finance are delighted to announce the appointment of Richard Leaman as the new Diocesan Secretary and CEO. 

Bishop's Address to the Diocesan Synod

First published 22nd June 2021

The Bishop of Bristol, the Rt Revd Vivienne Faull, addresses the Diocesan Synod in June 2021.

Bishop of Bristol's speech in House of Lords May 2021

First published 18th May 2021

On Monday 17 May in the House of Lords, the Lord Bishop of Bristol, Rt Revd Vivienne Faull, made a speech in response to the Queen's speech.

An Easter message from the Bishop

First published 4th April 2021

This sermon was given by Bishop Viv on Sunday 4 April 2021 at Bristol Cathedral.

Bristol Remembers: one year on

First published 16th March 2021

One year since England went into a national lockdown, Bristol takes a moment to remember and reflect, with a new film and shared reflection.

Living in Love and Faith resources published

First published 10th November 2020

The Church of England has published a landmark set of resources drawing together the Bible, theology, science and history.

Transforming church. A message from the Bishop of Bristol.

First published 4th November 2020

The Bishop of Bristol announced a new focus of work for the upcoming months, to shape the future of the Diocese of Bristol.

Bishop Viv's week in the House of Lords

First published 4th September 2020

Parliament returned from recess this week and met on Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 September.

Bishop of Bristol asks question in the House of Lords

First published 17th July 2020

Yesterday in the House of Lords, the Lord Bishop of Bristol asked the government what assessment they have made of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on human trafficking.

Bishop Viv's Address to Diocesan Synod Tuesday 14 July

First published 15th July 2020

Last night, Bishop Viv addressed Diocesan Synod, reflecting on the last three months in lockdown.

Bishop Lee; Seeing more clearly

First published 15th July 2020

Bishop Lee discusses how journaling can enable us to reflect on our past and guide our future.

Bishop Lee; Running on fumes

First published 9th July 2020

Bishop Lee reflects on how God has been at work during the lockdown.

Bishop Lee; The complexity of the season

First published 30th June 2020

Bishop Lee reflects on the impact that his cycling accident had on his wellbeing.

Racial justice and the work to be done.

First published 23rd June 2020

A message from Rt Revd Vivienne Faull, Bishop of Bristol, about racial justice and the work to be done.

Bishop Lee; How long O Lord

First published 23rd June 2020

In my last piece - Sacred Space - I said I would write more about the significance of an app and the radio in journeying through a prolonged confinement.

Bishop Lee; Sacred Space

First published 23rd June 2020

I am not sure whether finding or going to your personal ‘happy place' was referred to often before the Lockdown, but I have certainly become more conscious of it in recent days.


First published 16th June 2020

Work was carried out yesterday to remove a number of prominent references to Edward Colston in the windows of Bristol Cathedral and St Mary Redcliffe Church.

Prayers during the pandemic. Led by the Bishop of Bristol.

First published 15th June 2020

Individuals and churches can now be led in prayer by Bishop Viv as we continue to respond to the challenges our society faces. Recorded at Diocesan Synod, June 2020.

Statement from the Rt Revd Vivienne Faull, Bishop of Bristol

First published 11th June 2020

Statement from the Rt Revd Vivienne Faull, Bishop of Bristol in response to the #BlackLivesMatter protests in Bristol.

Finding our way as a diocese in the time of Covid-19

First published 14th May 2020

Bishop Viv explores what impact Covid 19 might have on the diocese, the church and the future. This was originally written for a Bishop's Council meeting on Thursday 7 May.

Bishop of Swindon back in the saddle and raising money for Christian Aid

First published 12th May 2020

On Sunday 10 May, the Bishop of Swindon began a 120 mile cycle ride that he will complete over this Christian Aid Week 10 - 16 May 2020.

How the season is unfolding - An update from Bishop Lee

First published 11th May 2020

While out cycling in January, Rt Revd Lee Rayfield, Bishop of Swindon, came off his bike after hitting a patch of black ice.

A Christmas message from Bishop Viv

First published 25th December 2019

This Christmas message was originally given as at the Christmas Day Eucharist at Bristol Cathedral 2019.

Bristol Faith Leaders' General Election Message

First published 5th December 2019

Coordinated by the Bishop of Bristols OfficeAs faith leaders in the city of Bristol, we are proud of this beautiful, diverse and creative city.

Bishop of Bristol makes first speech in House of Lords

First published 22nd October 2019

During debate on the Queens Speech on Thursday 17 October, the Bishop of Bristol, Rt Revd Vivienne Faull, made her first speech in the House of Lords.

Bishop Viv signs open letter on prospect of a 'no-deal' Brexit

First published 28th August 2019

The Bishop of Bristol, Rt Revd Vivienne Faull, has joined 25 Anglican bishops in signing an open letter on the prospect of a 'no-deal' Brexit and the need for national reconciliation.

Bishop Lee celebrates five years cancer-free with sponsored 100-mile bike ride

First published 25th July 2019

Rt Revd Lee Rayfield, Bishop of Swindon, is taking part in a sponsored cycle race next month as he marks five years of being in remission from cancer.

Bishop Viv joins faith communities at Grand Iftar

First published 31st May 2019

The Bishop of Bristol, Rt Revd Vivienne Faull, has spoken of her determination to see more done to bring communities together as she attended the grand Iftar meal held for the community in Easton, Bristol.She told the crowd of 6,000 people, who had g

A Prayer for Eastertide

First published 24th April 2019

"Showing the love of Christ to everyone, whoever they are" - Bishop Viv

Chrism Eucharist 2019

First published 20th April 2019

At this year's Chrism Eucharist, as clergy reaffirmed their vows and the sacred oils were blessed, Bishop Viv spoke of the incarnation of God's word and the incarnation of Good News.

Bishop Viv blesses St Edith's Well during Duke of Kent visit

First published 3rd April 2019

An ancient well dating back to the 10th century has been blessed by the Bishop of Bristol.

Brexit thought on the 25th March. Bishop Viv

First published 25th March 2019

In the coming days our Members of Parliament will continue to face enormous pressure, and have to make decisions which will have a far reaching impact on our nation.

Resources for prayer and conversation for Brexit

First published 19th March 2019

A message from Bishop Viv as she calls on churches and communities to come together in prayer for the country and the Brexit process.

Statement by the Bishop of Bristol on the closure of Swindon's Honda plant

First published 19th February 2019

Following the announcement that Honda will be closing its Swindon plant in 2021, Rt Revd Vivienne Faull, Bishop of Bristol, has offered the support of the church community to those facing redundancy.

A Christmas message from Bishop Viv

First published 20th December 2018

This Christmas message was originally given as at the Christmas Day Eucharist at Bristol Cathedral 2019.

Appointment of new Chaplain to the Bishop of Bristol

First published 17th October 2018

Bishop Vivienne Faull is delighted to announce that Revd Canon Prof Martin Gainsborough has been appointed as Chaplain to the Bishop of Bristol from 1 January 2019.He will succeed Revd Paul van Rossum, who is retiring at the end of the year.

Bishops adopt international definition of antisemitism

First published 13th September 2018

The bishops of the Church of England have formally adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism.

Bishop Lee: A message for Holy Week and Easter

First published 21st March 2018

A message from Bishop Lee for Holy Week and EasterI am never quite comfortable preparing messages for Holy Week midway through Lent; it seems to shortcut the journey. Keeping some distance between Good Friday and Easter Day seems even more important

Disarmed by the unbelievable truth - Rt Revd Lee Rayfield

First published 11th December 2017

As Advent moves to the celebration of Christmas, Bishop Lee reflects on its life transforming nature.Can I understand why so many people find the tenets of the Christian faith impossible to believe? Of course I can. Accepting that there is a Creator

A thank you from Bishop Mike

First published 27th September 2017

Bishop Mike and Anthea Hill have written the following thanks following the farewell service at Bristol Cathedral.

Can the Church of England learn anything from British Cycling?

First published 21st September 2017

In this months message Bishop Lee asks whether there is more to marginal gains than making small incremental changes.

A letter to parishes from Bishop Mike

First published 22nd August 2017

As the Rt Revd Mike Hill prepares to retire as Bishop of Bristol on 30 September 2017, he has written a final letter to parishes in the Diocese of Bristol.

Statement by Bishop Mike regarding Charlottesville

First published 16th August 2017

A statement by the Bishop of Bristol, the Rt Revd Mike Hill, regarding the recent events in Charlottesville.

Reformation and Renewal

First published 10th August 2017

This year marks the 500th Anniversary of the ReformationIn 1517 Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the doors of the Cathedral in Wittenborg.

A living word which cannot be constrained

First published 12th July 2017

This month Bishop Lee tells how one boys life is having a transforming impact for the Kingdom of God.

Yet for your sake…

First published 13th June 2017

As I write the Church remembers St. Barnabas referred to by St Luke as a son of encouragement. The background is as simple as it is challenging.

Bishop Mike on the Manchester attack

First published 24th May 2017

A message from the Bishop of Bristol, the Rt Revd Mike Hill, in response to the attack in Manchester.

Bishop Lee: Wisdom for living

First published 17th May 2017

Of proverbs, axioms, parables and wisdom for living.

Rt Revd Michael Francis Perham 1947-2017

First published 19th April 2017

The Bishop of Bristol, the Rt Revd Mike Hill, writes: Many including myself will be very sorry to hear of the death of Michael Perham who died earlier this week.

Bishop Mike: Everything matters

First published 18th April 2017

I just got back from a teaching schedule in a variety of contexts which has been fascinating.

Statement following explosions at Coptic Churches in Egypt

First published 10th April 2017

The Bishop of Bristol and all in the Diocese of Bristol offer their sincere condolences to His Grace and Coptic Christians throughout the world in the light of the bombing of Coptic Churches in Egypt.

Religious extremism and the shadow it casts

First published 29th March 2017

In our culture it has become axiomatic to assert that religion has been the cause of wars throughout the ages.

Starting with the end in mind

First published 9th March 2017

Bishop Lee asks whether we can make Lent a season to create habits which help us form a more Christ-like character.

Statement from the Bishop of Bristol and Dean of Bristol

First published 21st February 2017

A statement from the Rt Revd Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol, and the Very Revd David Hoyle, Dean of Bristol, in response to the debate at General Synod on the Bishops' report following the shared conversations.

Fight of the century - Global v National?

First published 13th February 2017

As somebody once quipped: The future ain't what it used to be!To state the obvious, 2017 has certainly started with some glaring uncertainties.

Bishop of Bristol announces retirement

First published 24th January 2017

The Bishop of Bristol, the Rt Revd Mike Hill, has announced his retirement with effect from 30 September 2017.

Mobilising our Front-Line

First published 12th January 2017

In his address to Diocesan Synod in December, Matthew Frost asked us what one thing we might do as a diocese to best equip Christians to be disciples in every sphere of life, not just in church life.

Humility and Hope for 2017

First published 5th January 2017

Bishop Lee reflects on why taking the risk of mending a broken relationship can be a sign of hope for the future.

Bishop Mike's Christmas Message

First published 20th December 2016

Unforgiveness and Bitterness. As I write, the Pope has just pulled down the curtain on his year of mercy.

Bishops donate to charity instead of sending cards

First published 16th December 2016

The Bishop of Bristol has opted to give money to charity rather than sending Christmas cards to clergy this year.

A Kingdom where nobody should be forgotten

First published 10th November 2016

A house divided against itself cannot stand. These were words which came to mind as I woke up to the news that we had voted to leave the EU on Thursday 23 June 2016.

Bishop to lead Remembrance in Clifton

First published 2nd November 2016

The Bishop of Bristol, the Rt Revd Mike Hill, will lead this months Whiteladies Road Annual Act of Remembrance at the St Johns war memorial on the junction of Apsley Road and Whiteladies Road in the Clifton area of Bristol on Armistice Day.

Sour Grapes and my need to blame

First published 10th October 2016

The season of Advent is almost upon us again.I have to say that the older I get, the more I have come to value the Church's penitential seasons.

24/7 Christianity

First published 10th August 2016

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

A time to speak

First published 27th July 2016

There is no doubt that the events in Nice that have emerged overnight have sickened and horrified the people of this Diocese and the people of this nation.

A time to speak…

First published 15th July 2016

There is no doubt that the events in Nice that have emerged overnight have sickened and horrified the people of this Diocese and the people of this nation.

Time to work together

First published 27th June 2016

A message from Bishop Mike following the EU Referendum: Where does one start? In the night (I was in the USA) news came through that the UK had voted for a Brexit.

Bishop's letter: Issues of Image

First published 6th June 2016

Some years ago in the USA, I preached a sermon to nine million people! Admittedly all but about 2,000 of those people were listening in on radio.

We don't believe in ordinary

First published 24th May 2016

Creating Connections with God, with each other, and with our communities. What a great vision for us as a diocese. But how can we get better at this?

Bishop Lee helps youngsters mark first communion

First published 25th April 2016

Children at St Christopher's in Brislington have celebrated their first communion with help from the Bishop of Swindon.

A matter of life and death

First published 11th April 2016

I read in the paper recently that 2015 was a bumper year for deaths and that life expectancy fell last year for the first time in twenty years.

The light shines in the darkness

First published 27th March 2016

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

Statement from Bishop Mike on Brussels

First published 23rd March 2016

A statement from the Bishop of Bristol, the Rt Revd Mike Hill, regarding the events in Brussels.

Bishop Mike: Europe - In or Out?

First published 21st March 2016

The campaign race to the vote on the EU is starting to gather pace. Voters will be given the opportunity to decide whether they are for Europe or against.Immediately there is a problem.

Stuck in Never Never Land?

First published 14th March 2016

On 26th February 2016, a rare debate took place in the House of Lords.

A journey to Easter Day

First published 3rd March 2016

The start of Lent is known as Ash Wednesday and its theme is repentance, a word which conjures up the image of a preacher on the High Street exhorting passers-by to turn from their sins and be saved.

Bishop's Letter: In the Lord's service(s)?

First published 20th February 2016

Show me the way your weekend services are going and Ill tell you how your church is going Thus spake Bill Hybels at a recent coaching seminar.

Bishop's Letter: A season for curiosity, time and courage

First published 18th January 2016

As we are invited to make Lent a particular season for prayer across the diocese, Bishop Lee reflects on our struggles to listen to God and how we might grow in our practice of prayer.

Dinosaurs, Daleks and the Holy Family

First published 29th December 2015

Two days after celebrating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth this seems a good time to talk about him, especially following recent research on what people think about Jesus and his followers.

What will you get for Christmas?

First published 22nd December 2015

A horrific story was reported earlier this week. The headline read, Domestic Abuse Police nearly overwhelmed by increase.

The blessing of a toilet

First published 17th December 2015

When asked recently what I particularly enjoyed about being a bishop, one of the things I mentioned was its variety.

Bishop's Letter: The light shines in the darkness

First published 28th November 2015

In his message for this season, Bishop Lee reflects on hope and overcoming hatred. I am writing this a week after the killings which have traumatised Paris and sent shockwaves across Europe and around the world.

Bishop's Letter: Who do you trust?

First published 12th November 2015

Pontius Pilate, Governor of Judea from CE26-36 famously once asked an important question, What is truth?

Let's talk Jesus

First published 1st November 2015

Bishop Lee reports on recent research carried out on attitudes to Jesus and His followers.

Bishop's Letter: Rights and Wrongs...

First published 28th October 2015

The issue of human rights is ever before us. Rightly so. If we want a newer kinder mode of politics, then there must be some protections for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Is this plan radical enough?

First published 19th September 2015

Watch here Here is Bishop Mike's inaugural address given at the first meeting of the new Diocesan Synod on Saturday 19 September.

Bishop's Letter: Zero Tolerance

First published 28th August 2015

Bishop Mike asks whether our churches are doing all they can to make sure the vulnerable are safe in our midst?

Bishop Lee backs Brighter Futures radiotherapy appeal

First published 20th August 2015

Bishop Lee is encouraging cyclists to saddle up for bike rides through Wiltshire in aid of Brighter Futures' 2.9m Radiotherapy Appeal.

Assisted Suicide? - put the whole thing to death

First published 14th August 2015

There maybe some good reasons for changing the law to allow physician assisted suicide (PAS), but truthfully, none of them are good enough to make me think it would be a good idea to permit this change in the law.

The health of our banks and the health of our souls

First published 14th July 2015

It may be over seven years since the global economy was rocked by the banking crisis but the aftershocks continue to raise questions around the financial industry.

Bishop's Letter: Cost Analysis

First published 28th June 2015

Bishop Mike asks whether as Christians we should try emulate and be part of the society around us, or should we take pride in our distinctiveness?

Bishop's Letter: Awe and Wonder

First published 28th May 2015

As the Church calendar moves to the season known as ordinary time Bishop Lee invites us to make it an opportunity for awe and wonder rather than the mundane.

Podcast: interview with Bishop Mike

First published 11th May 2015

There is an issue with the morality of all pornography but while there is pornography for so-called consenting adults, don't be fooled into thinking that children will not access it online.

Bishop's Letter: Protecting our children: the dark arts of negative influence…

First published 28th April 2015

My heart skipped a beat when I heard on the radio earlier today that 10% of 12-13 year old children fear that they may have an addiction to pornography and a similar proportion have actually taken part in a sexually explicit video clip.

Bishop Lee serves the homeless at Swindon Night Shelter

First published 13th April 2015

As part of the Church of England's Wash day initiative, Bishop Lee Rayfield spent the evening of Good Friday with guests and volunteers at the Swindon Night Shelter.

Bishop's Letter: Science, faith and the resurrection of Jesus

First published 2nd April 2015

Bishop Lee describes the place the resurrection holds for him as a scientist and disciple of Jesus.

Bishop Lee swaps washing feet for washing dishes

First published 31st March 2015

Its a great way to show that Christians are not afraid of getting their hands dirty in the service of others and demonstrating what loving your neighbour really means.

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