Curacy and Training Incumbents

We have a wonderful group of Curates in the Diocese of Bristol serving across a significant number of our parishes and contexts, sharing the love of Jesus Christ, participating in the mission of God and developing as Ordained Ministers. We are constantly looking at ways of how we can develop our Curate Training Programme (often referred to as IME 2) to best prepare our Curates for their future ministry.

Most of a Curates’ training takes place in a parish context and is supervised by a Training Incumbent. There are also training sessions (IME 2) which bring Curates together for mutual support and learning. The aim is to develop Curates’ competence in the different aspects of their role, but even more important is to develop their formation as Ministers of God.

The Curacy Handbook sets out the principles and overall pattern of a Curacy in the Diocese of Bristol, and should be read by all Curates and Training Incumbents. Hard copies are available, if required, from the Lee Barnes, Adviser for Curacy, or Ruth Day, Admin Support.

Below are the significant documents, resources and information related to a Curacy, for both Curate and Training Incumbent. If you require a Word version of a particular PDF, please contact Lee or Ruth.

Who’s Who

        Revd Lee Barnes

        Adviser for Curacy

        Contact Lee


       Ruth Day

       Administrator for Mission & Ministry Support Team

       Contact Ruth


Interested in Curacy

Expression of Interest Curate Form                           

Role of a TI Supervisor                                               

IME 2 Formation (Criteria)                                         

IME 2 Priest (Qualities)                                               

IME 2 Distinctive Deacon (Qualities)                             

IME 2 Pioneer Priest (Qualities)

Curacy Resources: Curate & Training Incumbent

Curacy Handbook 2024-2025                                   

Curacy Handbook 2024-2025 Appendices                   

IME 2 Programme 2024-2025                                     

Curacy Learning Agreement                                       

Curacy Placement Process 

Curacy Resources: Mainly for Curates
Feedback Forms

Leading Worship                                             


For Church Wardens + Clergy (Qualities)           

For Church Wardens + Clergy (Criteria)           


Self-Evaluation – Leading Worship                   

Self-Evaluation – Preaching                             

360°  Review

Letter to Curate                                             

Letter to Reviewer                                       

Reviewer Feedback Form                               

Curate Feedback Form                               

Curacy Resources: Mainly for Training Incumbents

Training Incumbent – Code of Practice                       

Supervision Preparation & Structure                           

Pre-Priesting Report Part 1 – Curate                                 

Pre-Priesting Report Part 2 & 3 – TI                             

End of Year 2 Report (Qualities)                                   

End of Curacy Report (Qualities)                                 

End of Curacy Report (Criteria)                                     

Curate in Charge Policy                                             

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