Parish Safeguarding

Guidance, advice and useful documents for parishes

PSO Drop In Sessions - A 30-minute Zoom drop-in session on the second Tuesday of every month at 11.30am. No agenda, no booking needed, just a space for Parish Safeguarding Officers to log in and ask the team here any questions you may have.

Role of PSO 
Inducting a new Parish Safeguarding Officer 
Parish Safeguarding Responsibilities 
Churchwarden Safeguarding Responsibilities 
PCC members Safeguarding Responsibilities 

Good Practice Guidance – Working with Adults
Good Practice Guidance - Working with Children
Safeguarding Recording Form

Guidance – Unaccompanied Children
Photography and filming in churches – privacy notice template
Media Consent Form – parish template
Church Building Hire Agreements - Safeguarding Considerations 

Types of Abuse

Resources for Parish Safeguarding 

Parish Dashboards

Parish Safeguarding Dashboards is an online tool which has been designed to make safeguarding administration and governance simpler for everyone. They display a clear and simple dashboard on a mobile phone, tablet or computer and cover all aspects of parish safeguarding, helping you to keep track of your parish progress and to ensure that no important area is missed.

This introductory video outlines how the safeguarding dashboard can help your parish.

The developers of Safeguarding Dashboards have a website that gives advice about:
•   Getting started
•   Frequently asked questions
Please contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team if your parish has not yet signed up for a dashboard.

The Parish Safeguarding Dashboard enables the Diocesan Safeguarding Team to provide more effective support to Parishes and ensure that each parish is meeting the requirements regarding its safeguarding administration.

Parish Safeguarding Hubs

The Parish Safeguarding Hub for safer recruitment and people management in parishes. Safeguarding Hubs are making parishes safer by helping them to meet the Church of England's safeguarding requirements. They are fully integrated with Safeguarding Dashboards. The Church of England updated its Safer Recruitment and People Management Guidance in 2021 and includes mandatory requirements for parishes that came into force on 4 January 2022. For more information about how the Hub works, check out this short video. Access to the Hub is provided to Parish Safeguarding Officers and Incumbents, please contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team if you want to find out more.

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