General Synod July 2023 roundup

First published 20th July 2023

A round-up of the July 2023 General Synod


General Synod Election 2021 results

First published 18th October 2021

New General Synod members have been elected to represent the Diocese of Bristol

Nominations open for General Synod Elections 2021

First published 30th July 2021

Nominations have opened for General Synod, the Church of England's decision-making and governance body, for its next five-year term 2021-2026.

Could you or someone you know represent the Diocese at General Synod?

First published 19th August 2020

There is an opportunity for someone to represent the Diocese in the General Synod for one year.

General Synod July 2020 report

First published 14th July 2020

Sophie Mitchell, a member of General Synod, reflects on Saturday's Synod, conducted over Zoom!

Response to shared conversations

First published 14th July 2016

Following the meeting of General Synod at the beginning of July, members met in an informal setting in which they listened and were heard as they reflected together on scripture and a changing culture in relation to their understanding of human sexuality.

Details of General Synod in July 2016

First published 20th June 2016

Members of the General Synod will gather in York on Friday 8 July until Saturday 9 July.

General Synod - February 2016

First published 18th February 2016

The General Synod of the Church of England met in Church House, London, from Monday 15 February to Wednesday 17 February.

General Synod - It's all over for now

First published 26th November 2015

So, we have just finished the first Synod of the 2015-20 sessions here in London. The Bristol contingent of seven, consisting of sixelected members led by Bishop Mike, is supplemented by our good friend Rev Dr Emma Ineson, Principal of Trinity College.

What's it like to be on General Synod?

First published 8th June 2015

At the last meeting of Diocesan Synod in May, Diocesan Secretary Oliver Home talked about the forthcoming General Synod elections in September, encouraging people to think about standing.

General Synod Report March 2015

First published 5th March 2015

Revd Chris Dobson reports on February's General Synod, which opened with a moving address from Archbishop Bashar Warda, Chaldean Diocese of Erbil in Iraq.

Synod "completely different"

First published 24th November 2013

The General Synod of the Church of England took some significant steps forward in November in a set of sessions described as "completely different" by Bristol reps to the meetings of a year earlier.

CofE's “crucial involvement” with schools

First published 21st November 2013

The responsibility for school effectiveness is shifting to those who provide schools thats us, said the Bishop of Oxford, chair of the CofE's Board of Education, in the General Synod debate on church schools.

Synod approves next steps for Women Bishops

First published 20th November 2013

The General Synod has approved a package of measures as the next steps to enable women to become bishops in the Church of England.

General Synod takes significant step towards welcoming women bishops

First published 20th November 2013

General Synod says 'Yes' to new proposals to enable women bishops.

If it's Tuesday it must be Synod

First published 20th November 2013

Chris Dobson reflects on some of the highlights of the second day of General Synod.

General Synod supports evangelism

First published 20th November 2013

General Synod has approved a motion, moved by the Archbishop of York, to re-evangelise England, including the creation of a new Task Group.

First impressions from General Synod

First published 18th November 2013

Chris Dobson reports on the first afternoon of General SynodGeneral Synod began in worship and prayer, which gave rise to the first 'priceless moment' when the Archdeacon of Lewisham reached the moment appointed for the bible readings.

Synod returns to Women Bishops

First published 8th November 2013

General Synod meets later this month, returning not only to women bishops but also intentional evangelism, Church Schools and how the Synod is elected and conducts its business.

Ian Yemm - House of Laity for Bristol Diocese - so what now?

First published 24th November 2012

Well this was quite a week to be a first-timer at the General Synod of the Church of England and the welcome was warm and genuine.

General Synod rejects Women Bishops legislation

First published 20th November 2012

The General Synod has failed to agree legislation that would have enabled women to become bishops in the Church of England.

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