Cathedral bell rings call to prayer during lockdown

First published 5th November 2020

From today, Thursday 5 November, Bristol Cathedral will ring a bell at 6pm every evening as a call to prayer for the city.

Mini Festival, Friendly Stage, to take place in Bristol churches during August Bank Holiday Weekend

First published 21st August 2020

The ‘Friendly Stage Mini Festival' is a miniature Greenbelt-like event over three days, on the theme of ‘A Better World is Possible'.

Licensing of ordinands as Lay Workers

First published 8th July 2020

The Right Revd Vivienne Faull, Bishop of Bristol, licensened ten ordinands as Lay Workers on Sunday 5 July.

Bishop of Bristol to license ten soon-to-be-vicars

First published 3rd July 2020

The Right Revd Vivienne Faull, Bishop of Bristol, will license ten ordinands this Sunday 5 July, via Zoom.

Church online in the next phase - advice and considerations

First published 24th June 2020

Church online has presented us with a number of new opportunities, and some technological challenges.

Bishop Lee; How long O Lord

First published 23rd June 2020

In my last piece - Sacred Space - I said I would write more about the significance of an app and the radio in journeying through a prolonged confinement.

Bishop Lee; Sacred Space

First published 23rd June 2020

I am not sure whether finding or going to your personal ‘happy place' was referred to often before the Lockdown, but I have certainly become more conscious of it in recent days.

Finding our way as a diocese in the time of Covid-19

First published 14th May 2020

Bishop Viv explores what impact Covid 19 might have on the diocese, the church and the future. This was originally written for a Bishop's Council meeting on Thursday 7 May.

Thy Kingdom Come - Online in 2020!

First published 12th May 2020

Due to Covid-19 Thy Kingdom Come is going to look slightly different this year, but we are still uniting, across the globe to pray 'Thy Kingdom Come'

Advice on stewardship in this time of distancing

First published 12th May 2020

One aspect of Covid-19 that is in almost every news bulletin is the financial impact that it will have, what should you do?

Caring for the environment during this time of distancing

First published 12th May 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has changed daily life for us all. Some of us are serving as frontline keyworkers, others are still travelling to and from work whilst maintaining social distancing.

Easter Day Message from Bishop Lee

First published 12th May 2020

his message from Bishop Lee was broadcast on Easter Sunday 2020 on BBC Radio Wilts.

An Easter Pledge 2020

First published 12th May 2020

With Easter this weekend, wants to get the message far and wide that the Church is here for the nation.

Holy Week and Easter

First published 12th May 2020

Archdeacon of Bristol, The Venerable Neil Warwick offers a messages for Palm Sunday and a call for us all to reconnect with God.

Tap Twinning

First published 12th May 2020

Tap Twinning: A Tearfund campaign to Stop The Spread of Coronavirus

Going Digital - resources to help the Church stay connected

First published 12th May 2020

There are a range of new and existing Christian resources available for people to engage with at this difficult and challenging time in the life of the nation and the world.

Lighting Candles of Kindness

First published 12th May 2020

Candles have been burning in windows across the Diocese as Christians pray for all those affected by the Coronavirus.

From the Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of England. 24 March 2020

First published 11th May 2020

Following the Prime Minister's announcement last night, it is imperative that for the health of the nation and in order for the National Health Service itself to manage the increase in those requiring medical help.

Churches find new ways of practically serving their communities

First published 11th May 2020

Churches are stepping up to help thousands of worshippers and the many others who looking for spiritual, practical and emotional support as they face the challenge of the coronavirus.

Day of Prayer and Action: light a candle March 22

First published 11th May 2020

Church leaders in Britain and Ireland have called on Christians to take part in a National Day of Prayer and Action about Coronavirus on Sunday 22 March.

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