An Easter Pledge 2020

First published 12th May 2020

From is a Good Faith Foundation project.

With Easter this weekend, wants to get the message far and wide that the Church is here for the nation. This Easter we are asking 1000 UK Church leaders to publicly commit to supporting their local communities, to bring a message of hope, so that no-one will be alone, without the help they need, during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Our pledge:

Our nation is suffering. This crisis is causing hardship for many millions of individuals and families across the UK. Daily life is out of balance.

This is an unusual Easter. Our church buildings, in normal years full of people celebrating the highlight of the Christian calendar, will be empty, and worshippers will celebrate at home. But while our celebrations may look different, our message remains the same. At Easter we remember the death of Jesus Christ and celebrate the life-giving hope of His resurrection. Since the very first Easter, Christ’s followers have been beacons of hope.

In the last weeks, millions of people across the UK have participated in online church services and more will take part this weekend. Churches have been providing food and essentials, caring for the isolated and the lonely, and offering counselling and practical support for those in need. While our buildings may be closed, our churches are open for business.

This is our pledge as church leaders across the UK. We are committed to playing our role, alongside other groups, institutions and organisations, to bring much needed hope to our communities.

For those who need help with food, medicine and essential supplies, or simply want someone to talk to on the phone or online:

We are here for you.

For those struggling with anxiety and bereavement or who need help and advice on finance, employment or other challenging issues:

We are here for you.

For those working on the frontline, fighting COVID-19 and sustaining our essential public services:

We are here for you.

For those serving in national or local government who are looking for organisations that can lend their staff, volunteers, buildings and assets to support our national effort to beat this disease:

We are here for you.

Whatever the future holds, churches in the UK stand ready, willing and able to serve. We are praying for our country and our communities, and committed to caring for our neighbours in days and years to come.

May the hope of Easter be with us all,

UK Church Leaders

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