What happens when six tough parishes get together?

First published 29th May 2013
This fourth report from the 'Northern Ark'mission initiative in north Bristol outlines the developments over the last year and begins to see a way forward.

We are not a training project but a mission initiative. We are concerned that theology penetrates our working class context ... We are learning ways to maintain our focus on the mission possibilities and to fulfil other functions in ways that do not distract us from this.

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About the Northern Ark

The Northern Ark is a collaboration of six council housing estate parishes in the North of Bristol. The initiative has been shaped by a team of interventionists. This team are Canon Joe Hasler, Revd Tanya Lord, Revd David Lloyd, Revd Jenny Low, and Revd James Wilson.

They are working together to create indigenous Local Ministry Teams in each parish with a view to becoming less dependent on imported stipendiary clergy. The underlying principle is that mission and ministry is best exercised by those who confidently present the Christian faith to their own working class culture. Secondly it is better for the Church's ministry to be seen to belong to the community, even when challenging it.

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