Soundwell lights up for Candlemas

First published 6th February 2013
Over 500 people took part in a community lantern procession organised by members of St Stephen's Church in Soundwell tocelebrate the feastof Candlemas on Saturday 2nd February.

The procession - which included hand-made beacons and lanterns of all shapes and sizes - moved through the streets of Soundwell from thechurchto Page Park where participants were entertained with music, food and fireworks.

Those taking part included members of the local Scout Group and St Stephen's Junior School as well as the church and wider community.

The Revd Nick Adams, Curate at St Stephen's, said:

"Candlemas comes at that time of year when we begin to say goodbye to the dark winter months and look forward to growing light of spring. It also reminds us of the dawning of the light of Christ as he banishes darkness from our lives.

"The vision of the lantern procession is therefore to bring people from all over the community together to celebrate the light entering the darkness in our neighbourhoods.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the community in all its diversity and to share with others in a creative, open-handed way, the light we celebrate at Candlemas."

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The event was made possible with funding from the National Lottery's Awards for All scheme as well as grants from South Gloucestershire Council, the Bristol Archdeaconry Charity and the church's own fundraising.

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