First published 26th June 2020

Erica Bebb, Chaplain to the Arts shares the following from artist Louis Parsons:

"SoulScaping is a journey that connects me with myself, my group of fellow SoulScapers and the Universe.

SoulScaping is an art led practise that enables you to hone three incredible God Given gifts:

1. The power of attention

2. The faculty of imagination

3. The release of your creativity

I see creativity as synonymous with spirituality. In these sessions we use the power of our attention to nurture different aspects of our spiritual life, and bring them fully to mind. We then create a piece of art inspired by each of these precious moments.

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In these sessions I'll personally take you step by step through "The SoulScaping Process." You'll free up your creativity, and connect with others in a refreshingly unique way.

No artistic ability required!

These sessions are helping us create and connect in the face of uncertainty.

You are very welcome to join one of the free sessions I'm offering over the next few weeks. If helpful, email me at"

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