Parish Share 2019

These materials have been produced to support your parish in discussing and communicating your Parish Share request for 2019.

PCC Information Sheet: This is a helpful tool to guide discussion with your PCC as you consider your 2019 Parish Share commitment

Parish Share Leaflet and fold-out A3 Poster: This provides information about the impact and challenge of Parish Share for both your PCC and wider congregation/s.

Parish Share: Commonly Asked Questions: This is a really helpful guide to the Diocesan approach to Parish Share, outlining the need and the challenge we are meeting together. Please refer to this as you consider your parish's commitment for 2019.

PowerPoint Slide to show in church:This is a simple way to thank your congregation/s for their generosity, and briefly explain the importance and impact of Parish Share.

Parish Share video: Download this short film to show in a church service or PCC meeting to introduce the impact of your generosity across the wider Diocese.

(While you can watch the film below, you need to click on the link above to download it to your PC)