Virtual Fun Days and Prayer Spaces

First published 12th June 2020


Social distancing means church fetes, Fun Days and community festivals have to be different this year – but there are still loads of ways to bring your community together. Check out HOPE Together's ideas for Virtual Fun Days and socially distanced events to have fun with neighbours, make new connections and build stronger communities. You can use these ideas with a few friends, family or colleagues; the groups that meet in your church building or your whole community. 

Quizzes, Bakes off's, Chatrooms, coffee mornings, scavanger hunts, chalk walks and HOPE magazine give aways are all possible.
More info here.

HHOPE-Spaces-Logo-White-MediumOPE Spaces – creative ways to pray

As churches open next week for private prayer, HOPE Spaces enable you to provide a place where the community can meet with God in church buildings or neutral venues. A HOPE Space could be in an empty shop in the middle of town, a church foyer or a community green space. Check out the HOPE Together website for ideas for prayer stations in your HOPE Space, which comply with social distancing guidelines. They focus on the themes of 'Rest' and 'Peace & Justice' so far and 'Forgiveness' and 'Direction' will be added shortly. The aim is to help people engage with God and, as a gift to take away, you could also offer copies of the HOPE for All magazines or a special illustrated edition of Mark’s Gospel.

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