Uganda 2020 Appeal raises over £30,000

First published 18th January 2021

Archbishop of Uganda

We are delighted to announce that the Bishop’s Christmas Appeal for Uganda in 2020 raised £33,326 for the Archbishop of Uganda’s Emergency Fund.

Ugandan clergy have been finding it hard to provide for their own families due to the impact of COVID-19. Average income is too low to allow people to save for the future and with no social security system the family is the main support in a crisis. The clergy are usually reliant on the Sunday offerings, however their doors were closed between March and October due to the virus.

Some clergy families can eat only one basic meal a day. Those living in rural areas can grow food in their gardens, but because urban clergy do not possess land, this resource is closed to them. Those working in the poorest areas and those serving in the slums are especially vulnerable.

The Bishop of Bristol, Rt Rev’d Vivienne Faull, launched an appeal on 6 October 2020 to help these clergy and their families, in their time of crisis. People were able to give through their church, or directly through a Give A Little appeal page. She said of the appeal:

"I met with the Archbishop of Uganda, Stephen Kaziimba, over Zoom and amongst other things we discussed the impact of Covid-19 in Uganda. The Archbishop expressed his deep concern for the struggles of many clergy who have been particularly affected by the pandemic.

"Ugandan clergy are reliant on the Sunday offerings for their stipends, but the doors of their churches were closed between March and October. Their congregations are also struggling financially due to a loss of jobs and income. As a result, many clergy are finding it hard to provide for their own families. It is distressing to hear of clergy families eating only one meal a day.”

With the money raised, the Archbishop of Uganda, Most Reverend Dr Stephen Samuel Kaziimba, will make sure that much needed supplies are distributed fairly across the dioceses of Uganda to support vulnerable clergy families, particularly those living in areas of poverty. In her letter to the Archbishop of Uganda to inform him of the amount raised by the Appeal, Bishop Viv said:

"It is with great joy and delight that I am able to share with you that… we transferred the sum of £33,326 to your Archbishop's Emergency Fund which, as was agreed with you, is intended to be used to support vulnerable clergy families, particularly those living in areas of poverty and who are therefore struggling to survive. We pray that this Christmas time gift of love will be an encouragement to many and a lifeline in times of darkness.”

The Archbishop of Uganda, The Most Reverend Dr Stephen Samuel Kaziimba, said:

“What a joy it was to receive your letter and the great gift of love and sacrifice from the Christians in the Diocese of Bristol. To have initiated such an appeal and brought in such a harvest during these dark days of the Covid-19 pandemic can only be a testimony to the power of the Holy Spirit…

“Thank you for understanding that clergy are “essential workers” and provide a critical service that no one else provides. Indeed, that’s why we call it a ministry…

“In spite of lockdowns and surges in infections, the truth still remains – God is with us in the person of Jesus Christ. Now, more than ever, we need such good news.”

What difference can the donation make?

  • £10 can provide maize meal and beans for a family to survive on for a week.
  • £20 would mean that basic essentials such as salt, sugar, soap and cooking oil could be provided along with the food.
  • £50 would allow a family to meet a simple medical emergency.
  • £200 could provide food for ten families.

Find out more about life in Uganda since the Covid-19 crisis in our YouTube Video.




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