Sharing what works

First published 9th July 2019

Sharing what works

Main space in St Andrew's Church Brislington from above

In September 2017, after much consultation and planning, work got underway on a project to Re-ignite St Andrews in Avonmouth, Bristol. Phase 1 of the work to re-create the church building as a welcoming place for the whole community is almost complete whilst Phase 2, which will transform the interior of the church for worship and community facilities, is about to begin.

Vicar of St Andrews, Revd Dr Andy Murray, was able to share his experience of leading this project with fellow Incumbent, Revd Ian Garrett, of St Cuthberts, Brislington on the other side of Bristol, who was about to embark on a similar project.

Ian said: "It was so encouraging to hear about the experiences of the congregation at Avonmouth. When you set out on a big project such  as this, you dont know what you dont know and so its great to hear what the potential pitfalls might be (so you can take steps to avoid them) as well as the advice, ideas and contacts which made a difference elsewhere and from which you can benefit.

"More than anything, a conversation with someone whos already done it helps you realise youre not the only one who has faced a challenge like this, and you gain confidence that it is actually possible to make progress with what may seem like a distant goal at the start."

Please contact Clare Fussell if youre facing a building project and would value hearing from the experience of another church.

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