Seeds of faith

First published 29th September 2014

Prayer for me is simply talking to God, and because of that it can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone


I was just as surprised as my family and loved ones when I came to faith earlier this year. Yet looking back over my life I can see how the seeds of faith were sown throughout, and how God has been with me, coaxing me every step of the way.



I've prayed to God my whole life. But despite wanting to be christened as a child (and having my parents tell me it was a decision I had to make as an adult), I wasn't ready, and hadn't yet found Jesus. God, for me, was someone or something up in the heavens, something to pray to, to say please and thank you.

I never understood those who I thought of as 'true christians' who I met throughout my whole education at christian schools and university; the ones whose eyes sparkled with their faith and who could be truly content within any situation thanks to their trust in Jesus. I used to gravitate towards them, while, I'm ashamed to admit, scoffing at their faith because I was so painfully jealous of it. I ended up studying theology for a period of time, secretly searching for answers to something I felt I was missing in my life.

I finally came to the Lord, or rather, I finally understood what had been staring me in the face all this time, when I was very, very happy. God had never deserted me throughout periods of hardship, but my journey was to come to him when I was really, truly content, and to fall on my knees in gratitude that I was completely forgiven and completely loved.

Coming into a relationship with Jesus was hugely emotional, yet shockingly simple, but it meant and means the world to me. I finally understood what it meant to walk within the light of Jesus, and to come to Him for rest, for there is always refuge in the shadow of his wings.

Knowing the living Lord has given me so much joy and peace, and a huge excitment to spread the word of God and his message of forgiveness and acceptance. Jesus really is the bringer of light and life.

Everything I love and enjoy is now experienced through the lens of Jesus; I know my blessings are gifts from God and that everything I have is only through the grace of God. Yet similarly, having a relationship with Him also makes difficult times easier. Knowing that Jesus is our mediator to the Heavenly Father means we can be assured our prayers are heard, and that we can access the greatest source of power we could ever dream of.

The apostle Paul tells us to pray without ceasing, which may sound intimidating or even impossible at first glance! But prayer for me is simply talking to God, and because of that it can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Prayers are always a blessing of course, but the ability to pray, the gift of prayer, is an honour and a privilege we have only thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ.


About the author

J lives in Bristol and was baptised earlier this year.


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