Season of Creation - September 2020

First published 28th July 2020

This September is the international Season of Creation. Will you give over one Sunday to stopping, reflecting and committing to action for God’s earth? 

This year, the global reach of Covid 19 has revealed anew our shared human nature and the interconnectedness of our lives, economies, health care systems, food chains, energy and transportation systems. The pandemic has also demonstrated that this complex web is rooted in the earth and limited by the earth’s capacity to sustain our economic and ecological needs. The unjust effects of climate change are a consequence of our inability to find a sustainable balance of this web.

From September 1 to October 4, as we start to move back into our church buildings, may we also unite as one family in Christ to celebrate the good gift of creation, and the bonds we share with each other and ‘every living creature on Earth’ (Genesis 9:10).

A range of excellent materials are available to help you plan a service, and go further in committing to environmental action as a church over the coming year. We recognise that for some, engaging with this may be difficult at present; in recognition of this, the resources have been designed to be used at any time.

  • Season of Creation materials - including sermon notes, prayers, liturgy, readings and music suggestions. 
  • Climate Sunday materials - including sermon notes, prayers, liturgy, readings and music suggestions. 
  • The Radical Presence 7-week course is freely available from Green Christian, for those who want to go deeper, and explores the links between the coronavirus and climate crises.
  • Doxecology is a brand new collection of 13 contemporary, congregational worship songs on themes of creation, ecology and Christian hope. We recommend using the song below for a time of reflection in your service, as people are encouraged to give thanks and praise for all creation.



If you have any questions, please contact Clare Fussell, Diocesan Environment Advisor: 

Please also let us know what you have planned, as we’d love to share encouraging stories of churches engaging with the Season of Creation this year. 

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