RE and Reasoning Skills (Key Stage 3 / Key Stage 4)

First published 6th February 2012

This presentation by RE specialistDilywn Hunt explores reasons and reasoning, and how to help pupils marshal an argument.

The sections of the presentation look at stages and skills with case studies: exploring reasons, conversations, judging credible evidence, elaborating an argument, weighing up evidence, using analogies and metaphors, achieving a moderate tone, and disagreeing with courtesy. Dilwyn gave the presentation in January 2012 at the Bristol and South Gloucestershire SACRE conference for RE teachers.

Dilwyn was, until recently, the RE Adviser in Dudley and now works as an Independent Consultant. He has published books on the theory of RE and RE text books introducing children to philosophy and religion. He is currently working on new materials. He is a member on the Executive of the Association of RE Inspectors, Advisers and Consultants (AREIAC).


(0) Front page sec workshop

(1a) Exploring reasons - stealing bread


(1b) Exploring reasons - wrong to lie


(2) How come we never see him


(3) Exploring reasons - heaven because


(4) Is God real


(5) How come we never see him


(6) Evidence of another world


(7) Did Wilfred Owen return from the dead


(8) Have people seen Jesus


(9) The death penalty is wrong


(10) The death penalty brought back


(11) using analogies and metaphors


(12) achieving a moderate tone















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