Prepare for New Years resolutions

First published 1st November 2019

As we begin to focus on Christmas preparations, perhaps we might also begin to consider how we might engage with those we meet at Christmas services, when the New Year arrives.

Resolve is a four-week course designed for churches to run in the New Year, covering the topics of: Looking after your body, Strengthening your mind, Inspiring your soul, and Deepening your relationships. Each week delegates explore what experts have to say, talk to other delegates about what they think and engage in a variety of practical exercises to help them accomplish their goals.

Bishop Roger Morris introduces the idea for Resolve saying:
I was at this village church last year on Christmas day, and whereas they would normally have just a handful of people coming to their services, the church was packed. There were people who would never normally go to church, but were there because it was Christmas. And you could see the anxiety as they wondered what am I doing in this strange and alien culture?
The people who we would not normally see, the people who do not normally come to church are there and even go so far as to allow me to lay a hand on their head and to pray for them. And yet what do we have to offer them, and what did I have to give them, and how could I follow this up? And the truth of it is, Christmas is our biggest mission event and we have no adequate follow up for it.
As we move from Christmas to New Year we begin to resolve to do things differently. We begin to think what is the version of myself that I actually want to be?
I realised that I was doing what those same people I had prayed for would be doing at that point. And so the simple thought is this; when people come to our Churches over Christmas, we can invite them to be part of a group exploring resolutions together in the New Year.
And as they nd that we are asking the same questions that they are asking, exploring the same things that they are exploring, that actually we can journey with them. And hopefully journeying all the way with them, and offering them something meaningful that can change their life for good.

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