Please pray for those to be ordained next month - here's Wayne's Story

First published 16th June 2022

Praying for those to be ordained - Wayne's Story

Wayne Cullum will be ordained as a Deacon on Sunday 3rd July and will be Assistant Curate in the Benefice of Redland.

Please read Wayne’s story below:

“Wow, I am very pleased to have made it this far after a somewhat winding and uphill path from my initial sense of call in October 2017. I have so appreciated the support of all of those who have been cheering me on, and particularly that from Becca and Finn. It has been such a pleasure to spend the past 2 years studying at Trinity and being in context at St Nicks, further exploring my calling and putting in place a number of foundational building blocks on which to start the next stage of this adventure with God. I am excited to be staying in Bristol, moving just a short distance to the parish of Redland and am looking forward to all that God is calling me to there in this coming new season.”

Look out for tomorrow's story!

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