Please pray for those to be ordained next month - here's Sonia's Story

First published 14th June 2022

Praying for those to be ordained - Sonia's Story

Sonia Home will be ordained as a Deacon on Sunday 3rd July and will be licensed to the Avonside Mission Area comprising the Benefice of Stoke Bishop, The Benefice of St Edyth Sea Mills, The Benefice of Shirehampton and The Benefice of Lawrence Weston and Avonmouth.

Please read Sonia’s story below:

“As a teenager, I remember a church announcement about exploring ordination. I was amazed at the open invite. Surely everyone would want to go! But at University, when asked if this was my plan I answered ‘no’, adding ‘not my plan, but you never know!’ It was around five years later I first felt a strong call. This was during an ordination service! Though this stayed with me, I was doing other things I loved and seemed right. Four years ago that changed. Listening to someone speak about the need for church renewal I felt strongly that now was the time to begin to explore in earnest. Running a growing organisation the timing seemed challenging. But by God’s grace I have been ready and able let go of other things as needed. I look forward to the journey ahead, very aware that this is only the beginning.”

Look out for tomorrow's story!

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