Please pray for those to be ordained next month - here's Rev Anton's Story

First published 23rd June 2022

Praying for those to be ordained - Rev Anton's Story

Rev Anton Campbell will be ordained as a Priest on Saturday 2nd July and will be Assistant Curate n the Benefice of Chippenham with Tytherton Lucas.

Please read Rev Anton’s  story below:

“I feel like the last three years of my life has been a series of saying to myself, “if you can just get through this term, you’ll be ok, it’ll get easier”.

“When I look back over the last year especially, I thank God for the support I have had in place with those who have joined my journey but mostly for the patience and support that my wife and children have shown.

“Managing a full-time job as a Police Chief Inspector and a curacy “on the side” has presented the year with its own rather unique challenges. But as I look back, I see nothing but the privilege it has been to serve Christ in the form of an ordained priest in all parts of my life. I am thankful for the learning and relationships I have formed and for those still developing. It might be hard work, but boy is it rewarding!”

Look out for tomorrow's story!


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