Please pray for those to be ordained next month - here's Regan's Story

First published 15th June 2022

Praying for those to be ordained - Regan's Story

Praying for those to be ordained

Regan Meares will be ordained as a Deacon on Sunday 3rd July and will be Assistant Curate in the Benefice of Soundwell.

Please read Regan’s story below:

“My road to ordination has been a challenging experience. I used to only give thanks to God for the blessings and the good things in my life. However, through the many challenges that I have faced on my way to ordination, I have learned to give thanks to God for the hard times and the times when I tried and failed. I strongly believe that it is during these times of difficulties and failures that we become closer to God. This whole process has taught me how to completely trust in God in every part of my life. God has kept me moving forward at times when I was ready to give up. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful people that God has put around me not only during this time of preparation for ordination but from the beginning of my faith journey. May God continue to bless each one of you in everything you choose to do in life.”

Look out for tomorrow's story!

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