New checklist to help bring your church's carbon emissions to net zero

First published 21st January 2021








As we embark upon this new year, we’re aware that we have just nine years left to realise our collective commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions as a Diocese by 2030.

This is a crucial and life-giving challenge, as we seek to better protect and honour God's glorious creation. On our shared journey to bring our net carbon footprint down to zero, there are a number of steps churches must take to reduce their energy use and make their buildings more energy efficient.

To explore these steps, many churches conduct an independent energy audit. In fact, the Church of England subsidised these audits last year and around 16 churches across the Diocese took advantage of them. But for those parishes who aren't in a position to make this investment at present, we've created a helpful 'Practical Path to Net Zero checklist' for churches to create a clear and simple action plan to reduce the carbon footprint of their building. 

There are two versions of this checklist:

 - a simple PDF to print out, or

 - an editable form to fill in using a computer or tablet

Please take a look, and do your own audit of your building. You may be surprised what you discover! The checklist ends with a simple plan for taking some of the suggested actions forward.

This is hopefully a useful tool to share with your PCC and congregations, as you continue to tread more lightly as a church family.

There is also a helpful webinar you can watch from Green Christian, led by Adrian from Climate Stewards: How can my church become net zero carbon

Find out more about resources to support church action on the environment here: 

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