Mothers Union and The Clewer Initiative

First published 1st November 2019

Mothers Union has gone into partnership with The Clewer Initiative to support the tackling of Modern Day Slavery. (The Clewer Initiative is the Church of Englands response to Modern Day Slavery).

The speaker at the Bristol Mothers Union Autumn Council on 19th October was Caroline Virgo, the Lead Officer for the Clewer Initiative. She spoke about the importance of raising awareness that modern slavery is hidden in plain sight in our communities. Clewer have provided posters with information about what to look for and how to respond and Mothers Union members were asked to make sure these are displayed in the churches they attend. Caroline also highlighted to those gathered that people attending church organised day centres are at risk of being targeted by gangmasters.

Mothers Union is not just for people who meet once a month for a talk and a cup of tea they are campaigning for social justice and helping those most in need. For more information visit:

Latest resources from The Clewer Initiative  Lets Talk about Modern Slavery and Homelessness

The resources include:

  • an illustrated poster depicting the journey of a homeless person into slavery
  • a tri-fold card with the signs to spot
  • guidance notes for those running projects on what to consider if they come across someone who may be a victim of MS

All available from:

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