Grace, peace and trust

First published 7th July 2014

I had a Christian background but a few years later, God showed me that there was more

Jackie Long

I was 11 years old. For some reason, unknown then (but known now), I wanted to read my Bible.





At this age, I was sitting at the back of the class listening to the Easter story. When we were told about Jesus being whipped, the tears poured down my face. I now know that God was preparing me for Himself. I had been sent to Sunday School and my parents were brought up 'in the church' so I had a Christian background but a few years later, God showed me that there was more.

When I was 14, we were shown the film of Scott of the Antarctic and them all dying. My friends who were 'real' Christians (!), were talking with me about the end of the world and I said I would run away. It was then that they told me that I couldn't run away from God and that we could give our lives to Him. They took me to some services where I had the opportunity to walk to the front and 'give my life to Jesus'. Being a shy teenager I chose not to do that but instead knelt by my bed one night and told God that I 'gave Him my heart'.

Well, too much has happened since then to describe here - it would need a book! But He has guided me every step of the way through my professional work, a calling to be a Lay Minister, to deep peace through serious illness, to a calling to prayer ministry, ministry abroad, clear words heard in my head about a future husband being 'His gift to me', a clear word about my mother so that I packed a bag to travel to where she had been taken into hospital and I was able to be with her as she went to be with her Saviour..

There were clear pictures that came into my head of two houses that we moved to before I even saw them and which proved to be perfect for us at the time...

And so much more that would sound quite dramatic. But we have to live through the ordinary days and times and it is these times which are sometimes more difficult and need the grace, peace and a trust in a faithful God who loves us beyond our comprehension and never leaves nor forsakes us, even if we are not always aware of His presence.

Every single simple aspect of my life can be brought to Him, knowing that He cares and that He has 'everything in His hands'.


About the Author

Dr Jackie Long lives in Emersons Green with her husband and is a Lay Minister at St James, Mangotsfield.

Jackie is now retired as a University lecturer, giving her time to play golf!

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