Giving for Life Reignited

First published 21st March 2016

The National Stewardship Committee has put together a programme to enable parishes to re-engage with reviewing Stewardship Strategy and adoption of good practice. There will be opportunity to debate this at the forthcoming regional meetings as part of its "national news" slots.

You can find the programme of the Giving for Life Reignited Strategy here.

General Synod last debated stewardship in 2009, when it approved the Giving for Life report and commended it to parishes for discussion and to consider how they might adopt good practice in stewardship matters. Since then, we have distributed over 500,000 leaflets and booklets to parishes and dioceses, run a large number of training events and provided and renewed web resources in support of this.

In reviewing the programme, the Stewardship Committee are seeking a further round of engagement and development by parishes of practice, and therefore are seeking to run a programme in Autumn 2016 to encourage parishes to reappraise their adoption of good practice.

For those members of the network who have joined since 2009, the original PCC guide, General Synod resolution and initial resources can be found at:

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