Faith manifesto launched for Bristol mayoral elections

First published 19th April 2021

Bristol Diocese is part of a multi-faith group that has released a faith manifesto in the lead-up to mayoral elections this May.

The aim of the manifesto is to enable people to raise concerns shared across different faith groups and encourage people of faith to engage with Bristol’s future.The group includes Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Jewish representatives.

The manifesto sets out five common aspirations for Bristol and its people:

1. Celebrating diversity – Building tolerance and understanding into the fabric of society, which is key to tackling crucial issues such as hate crime. 
2. Building community – Encouraging common bonds across generational, ethnic and social divides, along with increased provision of affordable housing. 
3. Strengthening families – Building resilient homes for families and households, through support for young people, relationships and parenting.

4. Challenging poverty – Identifying and understanding poverty wherever it is found and developing a strategic plan to overcome gaps in provision.  â€¨
5. Tackling climate change – Building on Bristol's twin reputation as a city of innovation and a leader in responding to the Climate Emergency, to welcome and incentivise a greener future through a bold approach to planning, housing, transport and public procurement. 

Revd Canon Dr Martin Gainsborough says: “It has been fantastic to see the faith communities come together and produce this manifesto, including reflecting on the year just past. Faith plays a big role in the life of our city with faith communities at the cutting edge of responding to need. We want to be confident that those who aspire to be mayor understand this and are committed to working with people of faith so together we can build a city where all may flourish.”

A digital copy of the manifesto can be downloaded here.


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