Eco parish March update: wildflowers and electric cars

First published 24th March 2021

Despite the ongoing lockdown, there’s been a huge amount of environmental progress happening across the diocese this month. Here are just a few stories from our churches. 

St Mary's in Seagry has used the lockdown to create a year-long survey of wildflowers growing in the church grounds. Careful mowing has allowed unexpected varieties of flowers and plants to flourish around the church. St Mary's has produced a detailed booklet of seasonal wildflowers for visitors to the church to use and has made copies available in the church porch. 

In Sutton Benger, the PCC has given children at the local primary school 10 hanging boxes to paint and decorate with flowers, bugs and mini beast stickers. They will be varnished and returned to the PCC, so they can be displayed and used in the church grounds.

“We are pleased that these bug boxes are going into the church grounds. We will look out for them when we go over for our church services,” Ben and Emma, Year Four.

“I think the ‘chuckie-pigs’, spiders and ladybirds will love these houses,” George and Emily, Year Two.

“God will help the animals in these new houses,” Amber, Reception.

The Bishop of Bristol, the Rt Revd Vivienne Faull's new electric car arrived this week, as part of the wider diocesan commitment to reach net zero carbon by 2030. She’s the second bishop in the UK to take this step, and the electricity used to charge the car is from a 100 per cent renewable tariff.

For more environment news from churches in the diocese, read the latest Diocesan Eco Update here.

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