Dauntsey Doom Board art lecture now available to watch online

First published 7th July 2022

A lecture given at St James the Great, Dauntsey, Wiltshire, England on 15th June 2022 by Revd Dr Simon Taylor

The Dauntsey Doom Board is one of only five known Doom paintings in England. In this lecture, Revd Dr Simon Taylor (Director of Ministry Development at the Diocese of Bristol) speaks of it as a piece of art and explores the theology that it presents. Christopher Jerram, (former Churchwarden) speaks about the 10 year restoration project. Revd Steve Wilkinson (Rector of St James the Great, Dauntsey) speaks about using it as a preaching aid... and what you do when a wedding party prints John 3:18-end in their Order of Service instead of 1 John 3:18-end.

The painting dates to the 15th/16th century, painted on wood which dendrochronology identifies as being cut around 1380/1390. Lost during the Reformation it was stored safely, and eventually rehung at the back of the church but was virtually illegible. In the 1990s a project was started to restore it, and it was finally placed back in its original position in the mid 2000's.


This lecture was given as part of our Art in Church: Mission, theology and the beauty of God lecture series, held through June and July. The series involved looking at a range of artwork in churches across the diocese and thinking about what it has to say for the mission of the church and how we speak of God.

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