Body Prayer Movements

First published 10th September 2014

A great way to engage a class at the same time as stilling the pupils.

Because it is physical it is a great strategy for using the body to express spirituality - and will affect a wide range of pupils.

Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Prt is great music to play while doing this.

Centre Yourself

Spend a few moments centreing yourself and try to remain in this centre throughout the prayer.

Rocking Movement

Standing straight, feet shoulder-width apart, begin to raise your heels a little. With palms facing up, raise your hands to chest level. Turn palms down and move them down while you lower your heels and raise toes slightly, in a rocking movement.

The Shower of Light

Let us ask for all God's light to be poured upon us … upon others.

Left foot forward, hands by your sides, facing inwards, move your hands in a circle up over your head, as if bringing down a shower of light on you. Stand in this place where the light is showing on your … the light of the love of God … within … and all around.

The same movement on the right hand side with Right foot forward, imagining you are bringing down a shower of light into all the dark places of the world … in human hearts … in families … and communities … and organisations. The Light shines in the darkness … and the Light is never extinguished.

The Circle of Light

All things are interconnected, the galaxies … the stars … the planets … animals … plants … humans …. We are all made of the same elements …. We are literally stardust … all part of God's creation.

Left foot forward, hands facing down on the left side of your body, about waist level make a circle with your hands, moving clockwise.

The same movement on the right hand side with right foot forward, hands facing down, make a circle moving anti-clockwise. Remembering the interdependence among all human beings on the earth, the goodness of giving … and receiving … of mutuality … of community … all made in the image of God.

Open to Receive

Left foot forward, hands at chest level, slightly curved, facing outwards we ask God to help us push away all that is harmful to us … and draw all that is good towards us.

Right foot forward, hands facing outwards, we ask God, on behalf of others, to push away all that is harmful to them, all the violence, hatred, and fear in the world, and draw peace and harmony, all that is good towards them … .

Ask and You Shall Receive

Scripture says … ask and you shall receive. Let us ask God only for that which we need.

Left foot forward, hands at waist level, facing up, open to receive. Move hands in a clockwise circle.

Right foot forward, hands at waist level, facing up. Move hands anti-clockwise, let us ask God for an end to poverty … an end to hunger an end to violence … an end to war.

Passing Clouds

Let us remember the transience of life … birth … life … death … and ask God that we live fully in every moment.

Feet shoulder-width apart. Right hand over towards left side, facing down, then sweeping clockwise up, round and down to left side, then sweeping round anti clockwise with left had. Imagine problems, joys, sorrows are all like passing clouds, give thanks for the gift of your life … asking for the grace to live fully in the present moment, calm and peaceful amid all the changes of life.

Namaste Bow of Respect

Let us remember that each of us is made in the image of God. With hands placed together in front of you as if in prayer, thumbs pointing inwards to your heart, we bow towards each other, saying 'Namaste': the image of God in me greets the image of God in you [the universal greeting of peace].

Material adapted from: Trauma, Healing and Transformation

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