"Best Diocesan Synod Ever" - March 2019 Diocesan Synod report

First published 12th March 2019

In an engaging Synod on 2 March, which was described by a number of people as the best Diocesan Synod they had attended, members participated with energy and generated a lot of questions. 

A wide range of topics were brought before members, from local issues to global items. During the session, members were able to take part in discussions around the closure of Swindons Honda plant, the celebrations of the Uganda Links 50 years and raising awareness of action we can take in relation to the environment. 

With a number of new members still settling in following the start of the new triennium, it was also an opportunity for many to learn more about aspects of wider governance, such as General Synod motions. There was a strong desire to engage with the process and it was encouraging to see constructive and challenging questions raised as members rose to the task of involving themselves in the discussions.

Diocesan Synod Report


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