Bacon, Eggs and Bishop Mike

First published 7th November 2016

Plate of food containing fried egg, sausage, bacon, tomato, baked beans and toast

Q: What do you get if you cross a bishop, a golf club and a full English?

A: The perfect recipe for the Christ Church Downend Mens breakfast.


A group of 37 men of all ages gathered at the Kendleshire Golf Club on Saturday 15 October to enjoy food and fellowship with the added bonus of a message from Bishop Mike on the theme of Rise up, man of God!.

The event was part of Christ Church's Mens series, which this year has included events as varied as a river cruise, beer and skittles and 20/20 cricket.

In the first of our breakfasts in May, Steve Webb, the former Pensions Minister, was interviewed about his life and faith, sharing keen insights into the world of politics and the challenges of living for Christ from a position of influence; and at this latest gathering, Bishop Mike set a clear challenge to rise above mediocrity and live out faith in the home, work place and society.

The Revd Paul Peterson, who co-ordinates the Mens programme at Christ Church, explained the motivation behind these events.

He said: "At the heart of Christ Church's Vision, is a desire to see men and women, boys and girls living out Christian faith in their everyday situations.

"At these breakfasts, Christian men and their friends are challenged and encouraged in equal measure as they hear real life testimony of faith being lived out in the wider world. Men arent always good at sharing the pressures of everyday life with one another, but these mornings provide a basis for conversations and increased openness. They dont take a lot of effort to run, but are incredibly worthwhile."

Christ Church also runs a series of events for women each year, with all of these activities resourcing further reflection in small discipleship groups and home groups where the call to whole life discipleship is worked out.


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