An all-age Easter talk

First published 13th April 2011

An inclusive All-age Easter talk involving children and young people...

  • Buy some plastic Easter Eggs - the kind that open so that you can put things inside. Easily available from PoundShops.

  • Read the Holy Week/Easter story with the children/young people. Ask them what they want to say about it to the congregation.

  • Then ask them what objects/symbols might help them say/show their ideas.

  • Source or make these with the children and put one inside each egg. (Remember which is inside each colour and the order you want them to appear.) Decide together what needs to be said about the object/symbol.

  • On Easter morning, have less confident children opening the eggs and showing the object/symbol and the more confident ones saying something about it. If the church is large, you might want to substitute boxes for the eggs so that the objects can be larger!

  • Finish by having all the children saying, 'He is Risen' - and the congregation responding 'Alleluia'. (You could do this two or three times getting louder each time.)

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