Aligning actions and lifestyle

First published 10th July 2014

I knew I had changed when I next met with the man I had been committing adultery with.

Jesus at the well

It seems to me that before I was baptised I was quite narrow and self interested and had few outside interests or concerns unless there was some benefit to me.



I had been involved in the business world and had experience of contriving scenarios to bring about a profit to my organisation or my personal life, and even though I made a Christian commitment, it was only on my baptism that change really took place in me.

I wanted more of God. There seemed to be an extra dimension I hadnt experienced and it was through talking about this with them that I asked to be baptised at my local Baptist Church. I knew I had changed when I next met with the man I had been committing adultery with. He realised even more than me the importance of the step I had taken in being baptised and it was no surprise to him to learn afterwards that we wouldnt be seeing each other again. It was as straight forward as that, no struggle for me. Though obviously all the things that have moulded me since have required me to desire change for the better and to be prepared to make my actions and lifestyle match.

My spiritual life and health always seems to have been something that I have nurtured and gone for in growth. I am impatient but persist in developing my relationship with God, maturing and gaining experience of working with Him, so have had many roles in Church life and taking part on courses.

Being baptised was truly a dying to self and coming alive in Christ; I was transformed immediately from a promiscuous woman into one that no longer had an interest in such things. Instead I became aware of the needs of others, became more compassionate, less selfish, and so aware of the difference in me that it seemed others were deprived if they didnt know about Jesus.

I have since then been gradually transformed into the woman I am today and I know I will continue to change.

I am evangelistic and endeavour to let others know about Jesus in the most appropriate way, so that there are fewer people deprived of knowing God's love. I try to take every opportunity to talk about Jesus.



About the author

June Roberts is retired and has been married for 48 years. She enjoys writing, including stories for her grandchildren, has written a legacy style biography of her experiences of God, and she writes updated parables and poems. She likes painting and keeping fit at the local gym.

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