Ability Sunday 2016

First published 17th March 2016
Last year, more than 220 churches took part by running Ability Sunday services. This year, we hope many more churches will take this opportunity to take part in Ability Sunday on 11 September.

The theme is simple: In his love, God has given us all gifts. Some people are tall, others short; some are outgoing, others prefer their own company; some are physically strong and others are not; some have physical and learning disabilities and others dont. But every single one of us has gifts that have been given to us by our loving heavenly father.

In 2015, we recorded several thousand downloads of our four films of people with learning disabilities reading from the Bible (these are still available on our website to show in churches). We've been hearing incredible stories all year about the impact the films and the services had on churches. We've also heard of the impact on members in the congregation who previously had not considered that they have been given gifts by God to benefit the church.

Shortly we will commence filming a series of Bible readings read by people with learning disabilities and sending out a free a DVD to participating churches. The films will also be available to download direct from our website. We anticipate the films will be available from late June/early July. There will be accompanying resources including a sermon outline, prayers and a small group Bible study for use in small or home groups.

If you missed Ability Sunday in 2015, you can see the film of people with learning disabilities reading from Psalm 139 below:

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