A statement from 42 bishops on LLF

First published 2nd November 2023

We write to reaffirm our commitment to the Living in Love and Faith process in light of the motion passed at General Synod in February this year, by which the General Synod agreed to lament and repent of the failure of the Church to be welcoming to LGBTQIA+ people, commended our continued learning together and looked forward to the House of Bishops further refining, commending and issuing the Prayers of Love and Faith, such that the final version should not be contrary to or indicative of a departure from the doctrine of the Church of England.

We are writing this statement following the publication of the paper GS2328 ahead of the November General Synod. We wish to convey something more of our commitment as members of the House and the College, firmly set within our calling as bishops to be ‘shepherds of Christ’s flock and guardians of the faith of the apostles, proclaiming the gospel of God’s kingdom and leading God’s people in mission.’

We rejoice that we have agreed to commend the Prayers of Love and Faith, and warmly support their use. Many of us regret that the authorisation of the separate Service Structures and Sample Services has been delayed, and we will work within agreed processes to secure that authorisation as soon as possible.

We recognise the complexities of the Pastoral Guidance in relation to ministry, and also the need for a swift end to the current uncertainty for LGBTQIA+ clergy and ordinands. We look forward to Guidance being issued without delay that includes the removal of all restrictions on clergy entering same-sex civil marriages, and on bishops ordaining and licensing such clergy, as well as granting permissions to officiate. 

We are seeking together to make pastoral provision in a time of uncertainty, deeply aware that this direction of travel, which has been the increasingly pastoral and inclusive response of many in the Church of England over many years, is not accepted by some of our brother and sister bishops, clergy and laity in the Church. As members together of the Body of Christ we are all summoned to witness to God’s love and to work for the coming of God’s kingdom, serving Christ together within the Church, and for the sake of God’s world, committed to living and sharing the gospel of Christ. We know that we will not all agree, but it is our longing that we will find a way that will recognise and honour our different perspectives and the gift we are to each other within the life of the Church of England, such that no one is expected to act against their conscience or theological conviction. 

In all of this we long for the day when LGBTQIA+ people will know themselves to be unquestionably included in the life and all ministries of our Church and the contributions of each one of us fully accepted and celebrated as simply the offering of a fellow Christian.  The Lord calls us all to serve and to witness to the God in whose image each of us is made and it is through God’s grace we are all called, together, ‘to maturity, to the measure of the full stature of Christ’ (Eph. 4.13).


The Bishop of Aston and Acting Bishop of Birmingham, Anne Hollinghurst

The Bishop of Barking, Lynne Cullens

The Bishop of Bedford, Richard Atkinson

The Bishop of Birkenhead, Julie Conalty

The Bishop of Bristol, Vivienne Faull

The Bishop of Buckingham, Alan Wilson

The Bishop of Chelmsford, Guli Francis-Dehqani

The Bishop of Colchester, Roger Morris

The Bishop of Crediton and Acting Bishop of Exeter, Jackie Searle

The Bishop of Croydon, Rosemarie Mallett

The Bishop of Derby, Libby Lane

The Bishop of Dorchester, Gavin Collins

The Bishop of Dudley, Martin Gorick

The Bishop of Dunwich, Mike Harrison

The Diocese in Europe, Bishop David Hamid

The Bishop of Gloucester, Rachel Treweek

The Bishop of Grantham, Nicholas Chamberlain

The Bishop of Huddersfield, Smitha Prasadam

The Bishop of Huntingdon and Acting Bishop of Ely, Dagmar Winter

The Bishop of Lincoln, Stephen Conway

The Bishop of Litchfield, Michael Ipgrave

The Bishop of Liverpool, John Perumbalath

The Bishop of Lynn, Jane Steen

The Bishop of Kingston, Martin Gainsborough

The Bishop of Manchester, David Walker

The Bishop of Norwich, Graham Usher

The Bishop of Oxford, Steven Croft

The Bishop of Portsmouth, Jonathan Frost

The Bishop of Ramsbury, Andrew Rumsey

The Bishop of Reading, Olivia Graham

The Bishop of Ripon, Anna Eltringham

The Bishop of Salisbury, Stephen Lake

The Bishop of Sherborne, Karen Gorham

The Bishop of Shrewsbury, Sarah Bullock

The Bishop of Southwark, Christopher Chessun

The Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, Martin Seeley

The Bishop of Stafford, Matthew Parker

The Bishop of Stepney, Joanne Grenfell

The Bishop of Taunton and Acting Bishop of Coventry, Ruth Worsley

The Bishop of Tewkesbury, Robert Springett

The Bishop of Thetford, Ian Bishop

The Bishop of Worcester, John Inge


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