A Prayer from the Bishop of Bristol - Proclamation of King Charles III

First published 12th September 2022

Almighty God, ruler over all the nations of the world

and guardian of all who lead them,

you have called your Servant our Sovereign

Lord, KING CHARLES, to the Throne of this Realm:

guide him with your wisdom and strengthen him with your power.

Let justice, truth, holiness, peace and love,

and all the virtues that come from you,

flourish in his reign.

Grant that all he says and does may be to your glory and the welfare of his people.

Give us grace to obey him willingly and with integrity,

that neither our selfish ambitions nor our private interests

undermine his care for the public good.

May he always possess the hearts of his people,

that we may honour him and submit gladly to his authority.

May his reign be long and prosperous, and crown him with immortality in the life to come.

[Through Jesus Christ our Lord.]


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