Nominations wanted for Bristol DAC Awards 2019

    Around the Diocese
    22 January 2019

    Each year the Diocesan Advisory Committee recognises a number of projects through its awards scheme.

    The DAC awards are made where a parish has completed a project to an exceptional standard of workmanship, or where a project has been key to that parish’s growth and mission.

    The DAC forms a key part of the process by which parishes develop proposals for their buildings and obtain consent to carry out work. It works closely with parishes in caring for their buildings and in adapting them to support their mission and growth. In doing so it encounters many people working with incredible commitment and passion, often with significant obstacles to be overcome.

    The DAC sees many applications from parishes through the year, and this event is a good opportunity to give proper recognition to some of those projects, with representatives of the parishes having the chance to share their experiences.

    If you would like to nominate your own or another parish who has completed a project within the last 12 months, please fill in the nomination form and return to Emma Bakewell, Secretary to the DAC, by 6 February 2019.

    The DAC will review the applications at their Committee meeting on the 21 February. After this date, Emma Bakewell will be in touch will all the nominated parishes to let them know if they have been successful.