Cycle of Prayer for the ministry of the Diocese

    Around the Diocese
    20 November 2018

    Prayer is an amazing gift which strengthens our relationship with God; it has the power to change us and the world around us. When we pray at all times, in all circumstances and for all things, we see God’s Kingdom come.

    Throughout the year, we are committed to praying together each day for the ministry of every parish, chaplaincy, church school and area of ministry in the Diocese of Bristol, as well as for our link Dioceses in Uganda. We would invite you to use the daily Cycle of Prayer to inform your prayers as we connect with God, each other and our communities across the Diocese.

    This Cycle will be followed at the evening service every day at Bristol Cathedral. You are invited to attend and join in these prayers, especially on a day when your parish, school or area of ministry is named.

    You can download the full cycle which runs from Advent to Advent here.
    The cycle can be downloaded as a pdf file for printing, as a file to add to your electronic calendar or to be viewed in the PrayerMate App.