As one door closes, another opens: A thank you from Christine Froude

    Diocese of Bristol
    1 November 2018

    I’ve said that so often to people facing changes in their lives.

    The certainty that, no matter how much we may want to we can’t keep looking back over our shoulder at what was, for if we do we miss what lies ahead, what God has in store for us.

    I’m telling myself these words at the moment.

    Remembering what I am leaving behind: 

    Great colleagues,

    Loyal friends,

    Inspiring church communities,

    All of you who have meant so much to me over the years and whose memory I will treasure.

    Entrusting the future, with its opportunities to spend more time with family and friends is something we are looking forward to - when the shredding, recycling, packing and moving have been achieved!

    These last years have been a rich patchwork of joys and challenges, and through it all I have known God’s faithfulness. But now we have come to a fork in the road. As David and I move on to pastures new, we will be praying for you all as Bishop Viv leads the diocese into the next phase of its life and witness.

    Thank you all so much for your cards, letters and gifts which I will treasure, and thank you too for the hugely generous cheque that was presented to me at Malmesbury Abbey. Seeing so many of you there for my leaving service was very moving and a memory I will carry in my heart into all that lies ahead.

    With every blessing