Connections: Christians Against Poverty

    Around the Diocese
    21 September 2017

    Churches in Bristol have been helping people struggling with financial worries through the work of Christians Against Poverty (CAP).

    The charity works with people who are facing poverty, debt and unemployment, in order to help them find a way out of their situation.

    Both Christ Church Downend and St Ethyl’s Sea Mills have partnered with the organisation to offer friendship and practical support to those who are feeling the weight of debt, struggling to find work or trying to overcome a dependency.

    They regularly run courses on managing money, teaching people budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that gives them control over their finances.

    St Peter’s Bishopsworth is also running a CAP Job Club, to offer extra support and practical advice to unemployed people.

    Job Club Manager Tiz Coles, who leads the course, said: “Knowing many people are out of work – and yet have talents and skills going to waste, we just felt we had to do something and Christians Against Poverty’s training and resources seemed like a really great fit for us.

    “It’s about giving people back their pride. If you have been out of work for any length of time you don’t have a lot of that.

    "Many of the people that attend a CAP Job Club have been alone for a long time and they are tired and frustrated.”

    What next?

    • Consider running an event to help people manage their money, such as the CAP Money Management Course. You can find details on the CAP website.
    • Sign up to the CAP Regional Church Leaders Day in October to find out more ways of helping people who are struggling with debt.