Parish Share and Encouraging Generosity seminars

    Encouraging generosity
    22 August 2017

    Meeting your Parish Share commitment can be a challenge. You may have questions about how your church can encourage generosity and resource its ministry and mission.

    To address these questions, you are invited to attend a specially designed seminars to:

    • find out more about your 2018 Parish Share request, and
    • learn about the support, materials and stewardship programmes available to help your church to raise income and encourage generous giving.

    Thursday 7 September at St Augustine’s Church, Whitchurch, South Bristol • 7pm-9pm

    NEW DATE Thursday 14 September at St John’s Church, Haydon Wick, Swindon • 7pm-9pm

    You can download an invitation to share with members of your church here.

    Flyer advertising Parish Share events