Expert solutions for heating churches

    Diocese of Bristol
    14 January 2013

    Shrinking the Footprint

    Keeping an historic church warm for community use while conserving its heritage features and minimising the environmental impact is a real challenge, especially at a time of rising energy prices.


    However, a recent national conference on energy use in churches has generated a range of information and guidance for parishes struggling with the cost of keeping congregations warm.


    Presentations given at the

    Heating without the Hot Air Conference

    suggested that twenty-five per cent of churches can make simple savings using heating controls and churches can even become ‘zero carbon’.


    Other facts include:

      All churches can make quick savings from lighting

      Old boilers can be 30 per cent inefficient and a replacement can pay back in four to five years

      The first Zero Carbon Church - St Michael’s, Withington - saves 12.1 tonnes of carbon per year

      Other resources from


      and the Church of England’s

      Shrinking the Footprint campaign

      are also available.