Assessment for Learning in RE (Key Stage 3 / Key Stage 4)

    6 February 2012

    Three presentations on Assessment for Learning in RE

    from the 2012 SACRE conference, by Esther Messinger, Julian Selman and Leah Osborne.

    Esther Messinger: "I recently began teaching at Bristol Cathedral Choir after leaving my position as Head of RE at Fairfield High. I moved to take on the opportunity of teaching A-level Philosophy & Ethics and experience a totally different sort of school. I am in my 6th year of teaching and I am still thoroughly enjoying the challenge!"

    Julian Selman is Head of the RE Department at Marlwood Community School in South Gloucestershire and he co-ordinates the Best Practice forum in the county.

    Leah Osborne: "I am Head of Religious Studies and Leader of the Year 7 Project-Based Learning curriculum at King’s Oak Academy.  I trained as an infant teacher in 2001 and moved to teaching secondary in 2005.  I love teaching; I think it’s a privilege to be around children learning."



    South Glos SACRE Conf 2012 - KS3 Y9 - AT2 Is this evil by LO

    South Glos SACRE Conf 2012 - KS3 Y9 - AT2 Natural Evil assessment lesson by LO

    South Glos SACRE Conf 2012 - KS3 Y9 - AT2 Proust Starter by LO