A Christmas sketch

    6 December 2011

    ‘So, what is the nativity?’


    Dan Jones

    Here is a silly sketch I wrote a few years ago when I was a youth and children’s worker for a church.

    The Crib Service was creeping up so I decided to retell the Nativity story through two friends (one slightly ditzy) having a conversation. The sketch is split into three parts as the custom in the church was to reveal the figures and build  the nativity scene at different stages of the service. However, singing a carol in between the gaps will work as well.

    When Vanessa (the curate) and I performed it, we were hidden away so the voices just boomed out of the speakers. This seemed to work really well as everyone focussed on the nativity, and we didn’t have to learn the words. It’s all a bit of fun and hopefully shares the true meaning of Christmas in a dramatic way.


    Crib Service Sketch