Creative play with the Scrapstore Playpod in Pucklechurch

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    6 July 2011

    The Scrapstore ‘Playpod’ has revolutionised play at Pucklechurch Primary School.  It essentially allows them to use manufacturing offcuts such as tubes, nets and hoops in their creative play. Children, parents and staff have been trained in adopting a more creative attitude towards play.

    Where previously children could choose from traditional lunchtime games, they now have the opportunity to dress up, engage in fantasy games and use the Playpod equipment however they please. The children have become more involved in what happens at play times. They make choices about what they play and how they choose to play with it. Their play skills have helped them work more harmoniously in the classroom as well as helped them become more independent when solving problems.

    Parents have shown their support by adopting a more relaxed attitude to allowing their children to play with items they wouldn’t usually associate with play.

    The children enjoy the new experiences the play pod has provided:

    ‘I love the den-making because it’s fun to bring DT into play time.’

    ‘I love dressing up the most! I do it at home but it’s more fun at school because you have all your friends to play with too.’