New Agricultural Project in Northern Uganda

First published 13th May 2013
Bristol Diocese has links with three diocese in North West Uganda through the Bristol West Deanery. Over the years since the decimation of the local infrastructure by the war with the LRA the deanery has supported the children of clergy through school so that their parents could be freed to minister in remote parishes.

Now as security returns Ugandan clergy have said they want to be able to provide for their own children and so the balance of the funds is being invested in what we hope will result in sustainable sources of income through agriculture.

Holly Brennan who has been the driving force behind the initiative writes:

Since 2005, the Clergy Childrens Education Fund (CCEF). has provided over 80 Clergy children from the Dioceses of Kitgum & Northern Uganda with scholarships towards secondary education, thanks to the generosity of some congregations in Bristol West Deanery, and individual donors.

Several of our students have graduated to University, while others now work as teachers, midwife, agricultural officer, police officer, builder, photographer, restaurant worker etc. One student, Solomon Lubangakene had outstanding A level results and is studying law.

Our exciting news is that over the next three years, the CCEF Committee in Northern Uganda are running a pilot project to help 6 clergy families develop sustainable agriculture, by supplying oxen, better farming equipment & seeds, and training. Easier farming methods will enable poorly paid clergy to feed their families, & give more time to the Lords work in parish communities.

CCEFs vision is to give ALL clergy families the dignity to generate income through agriculture to pay for their childrens education, then scholarships will be gradually be phased out. A significant injection of funds is needed for this vision to be met.

If you would like more information about CCEF or the Agricultural Project please contact Holly Brennan (, or Alison Rowe (

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