My brush with the law

First published 8th May 2014


On a day off, I decided to make a painting. I found a bench in the shade and made a picture of a street scene, omitting the police station sign which the observant artist had failed to notice.

Lots of locals were interested in what I was doing, particularly two smartly dressed gentlemen, who looked at all my sketches as well. They then revealed that they were police officers, and wanted me and all our party to come to the office.

In due course we all presented ourselves at the office. A woman came in who was obviously important, because she gave her handbag to a gun toting security guard. This was the deputy district commissioner; she had a very judicial bearing, and was impressive. After an explanation from the Bishop as to who we were, she welcomed us, and allowed us to get our own copies of our passports, which resulted in a document vouching for our presence elsewhere in the country.

All very civilised and polite. I wonder if 17 Ugandans descending on a small English town would have been so politely treated.

Article by Simon Holmes

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