Lift for Hope Challenge raises £1500

First published 13th September 2013
Bristol Diocesan  Strategy and Mission Officer and member of Emmanuel Church, Ashley Down, Janey Hiller, took part in a solo strength challenge in support of Rock of Ages a project in Uganda assisting orphans and widows in Kampala. In half an hour she lifted the equivalent of nearly 9 and a half tons.

A walking, lifting miracle

Two years ago Janey was diagnosed with a massive and life threatening tumour. The operation to remove the tumour left her unable to walk or even dress herself. While recuperating she set herself the seemingly ridiculous challenge of power-lifting 3.5 tons in less than one hour. After achieving her goal she wrote:

"And to think on this date and time one year ago year ago I was literally fighting for my life at Musgrove Park hospital after suffering complications from a major surgery. By the grace of God I am not only living and breathing but have nearly fully recovered and am getting stronger by the day! I simply cannot express how grateful I am to everyone who has supported and encouraged me over the last year. It has been really tough, but my road to recovery would definitely not have been the same without the love of God, my family and my friends upholding me and spurring me on."


The money raised will go towards building materials to start work later in 2013 on new accommodation for the orphans and widows helped by Rock of Ages. And then the next stage will be beds, tables, chairs and books - all the things they need to turn the new house into a home.

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