Latest update on the Kitgum Container

First published 1st September 2009
I thought that your parishes may like to know that the 8000 raised from 6 parishes and individuals has enabled us to send a 40Ft container to two church schools in Kitgum, one of which is the Janani Luwum Memorial school, 20 kms north of Kitgum where the martyr Archbishop Janani Luwum is buried in his home town. The container leaves on Friday for thejourney of 30 days to Mombasa then to Kampala to be cleared in customsby the Kitgum Diocesan Secretary, then sent up to Kitgum. Please pray for its safe journey on the long trek to Kitgum.

We are grateful to the parishes who supported us and the many individuals who helped on two Wednesdays, packing and loading the huge amount of equipment whic is not going into the new Nailsea School.

We are grateful that Ali Vowles of BBC TV Points West came to make a short film of us at work. Good publicity for the Deanery Uganda Link.



  • 350 Boxes of varying size, the majority of which have in them popular school textbooks

  • 15 Wooden bookcases

  • 236 Stacking chairs

  • 50 2 person tables

  • 20 1 person small desks

  • 8 Apple Mac computers

  • 4 Overhead projectors

  • 6 TVs

  • 10 Whiteboards

  • 20 plastic storage boxes

  • 3 Sewing machines

  • 10 New footballs (5 for each school)

Richard Winn.

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